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Welcome to SikSeekers Home~

Hey~ You are in SikSeekLand!!  Welcome~ If you are like us who love everything about Yoo Ah In, then welcome to our SikSeekers family~SikSeekLand is a fan based for Ah In’s International fans!  And if you are just wondering upon here, we are happy to be able to share our love of Ah In with you … Continue reading


[REVIEWS] Yoo Ah In Seoul Fanmeeting 2014.10.05 Stories Part 2

Check Review Part I HERE [Review] Yoo Ah In Seoul Fanmeeting 5th Oct 2014 Part 2 Translated by Furbabe / Yoo Ah In International Fans Community Note: This is an exclusive fanmeeting, so NO official photos from Ainese can be shared publicly. All these pictures were taken outside Ainese website.   After the highlight video … Continue reading


[REVIEWS] Yoo Ah In Seoul Fanmeeting 2014.10.05 Stories Part 1

[Review] Yoo Ah In Seoul Fanmeeting 5th Oct 2014 Part 1 Translated by Furbabe / Yoo Ah In International Fans Community Yoo Ah In’s Korean fans club “Ainese” held a successful exclusive/intimate fanmeeting with Yoo Ah In on the 5th October 2014. It was his 4th fanmeeting in Korea and the first in 3 years. … Continue reading


[PHOTOS] Yoo Ah In Attends Boon The Shop Grand Opening 141017

Master Sik went out for some champagne and fun last night, because he is in holidays, having finished all his movie projects which will première in 2015. Yay! Yoo Ah In attended a star-studded grand opening party of Boon The Shop in Cheogdam-dong, Seoul, Friday night, 17th October. Boon The Shop is touted as the … Continue reading


[INTERVIEW] Yoo Ah In’s Hanryū Pia Japan Behind The Photoshoot

[Behind the scene interview] In the middle of Hanryū Pia magazine photo shoot, Yoo Ah In had a little interview with a reporter about Secret Love Affair. To celebrate the première of this drama in Japan, October 15th, our beloved Japanese translator Kuku-san has translated this article for SIKseekers :) Check this out~     Daily … Continue reading


[PHOTOS] Yoo Ah In is Gorgeous in Black For Actor K Japan

  We’ve posted a bit interview of Yoo Ah In with Actor K Vol.1 October 2014 issue here. And finally, we’ve got six pages of scanned photos from this magazine, thanks to DC Fashion King! Looking clean and sleek in brown-black knitted pullover, brown-green pants, and a pair of black Valentino “Rockstud” stripe sneakers, Yoo … Continue reading


Birthday Celebration Post: 101 Fun Facts About Yoo Ah In

This is Seeksik 101 “Birthday Celebration Post” Special! If you think you’re the biggest and funkiest fan of Yoo Ah In, you’d better know these facts! Roll the drums and let’s get started! :D 101 Fun Facts About YOO 1. He was born in Daegu, 6th October 1986. 2. He’s got a father, a mother, … Continue reading


Yoo Ah In’s “Sado” Cranks Up, to Premiere on Chuseok 2015

It was reported earlier that the movie was supposed to crank up in late September. But apparently they had one extra week to get all the shooting done.   Having 3 months exhausted filming since July 8th, Yoo Ah In’s first historical movie (not first historical drama) Sado, Memory of Eight Days officially cranked up … Continue reading


Yoo Ah In is Cameo in Discovery of Love: “Do You Have A Boyfriend?”

Behind the scene cut [cr: KBS2]   Yoo Ah In made a special appearance in KBS2 Monday-Tuesday drama Discovery of Love (also known as Discovery of Romance or Finding True Love) final episode on Tuesday 7th October broadcast. He made a surprise cameo that even his fans and the casts themselves didn’t know about it … Continue reading


[PHOTOS & VIDEOS] Yoo Ah In Holds Advanced Birthday Celebration With Friends + SIKseekers Twitter Party

  Howdy SIKseekeers! Our Master Sik just celebrated his 28th birthday on Monday 6th October, and we just held a fun party on twitter! Yay! But apparently our Hongsik was having a busy shooting day that he had to blow the candles earlier. Aww… Just like last year, Yoo Ah In celebrated his birthday with … Continue reading


[PHOTOS & INTERVIEW] Yoo Ah In Poses For Actor K Japan + Get Ready For Birthday Party!

Yoo Ah In is gracing 8 pages of Japan magazine Actor K Vol.1, October 2014 issue, following a recent special feature in another Japan magazine Hanryū Pia. Unlike Hanryū Pia, Actor K does not present much interview but focuses more on the pictorials. There’s a short but interesting article about him here, though. And it’s … Continue reading


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