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Welcome to SikSeekers Home~

Hey~ You are in SikSeekLand!!  Welcome~ If you are like us who love everything about Yoo Ah In, then welcome to our SikSeekers family~SikSeekLand is a fan based for Ah In’s International fans!  And if you are just wondering upon here, we are happy to be able to share our love of Ah In with you … Continue reading


Secret Love Affair Crunchy Bites Ep. 9-10: From Sand, Chopin, Pogorelic to Aimez-vous Brahms

  Two breathtakingly beautiful episodes, I must say. If my heart could explode, it would have already exploded literally from mixed feelings. And I’m sure I’m not the only one having a heart attack because of this:   The dangerous love-making scene   GIFs talk louder than words, ey! rawrrrr!   Secret Love Affair continues … Continue reading


Secret Love Affair Jukebox Part 4: The Scores Yoo Ah In Plays on Episode 9-10

  Our little enjoyment of classic music part 4 is back, with the genius Lee Seon Jae (Yoo Ah In), who finally gives his first piano concerto accompanied by an orchestra.   The purpose of this concerto is to record Lee Seon Jae’s performance and send it to the Bussoni Piano Competition Preliminary Selections. Normally, … Continue reading


Secret Love Affair Crunchy Bites Episode 7-8: From Poetic Bed Scene to Yoo Ah In The New Oppa

The “aftermath”~ (cr: DC)   Secret Love Affair continues being a brilliant and well-executed show with consistency in iconic directing that helmed by PD Ahn Pan Seok. The drama shows strong commitment to keep its bar high. The method acting, fun solid story-line, the classical music, and exquisite movie-like pictures all blend beautifully, have … Continue reading


Secret Love Affair Jukebox: The Scores Yoo Ah In Plays on Episode 6-8

  Here we are again in Secret Love Affair Jukebox for enjoying the beauty of classical performance that Yoo Ah In plays during episode 6 to 8 (well, not really for episode 6, since he doesn’t play the piano there :p ). We’ve had posted his videos playing the piano from the previous episodes here and … Continue reading


Ainie Annyeong~ Yoo Ah In Returns to Running Man This Spring!

Woot woot! The absolute Uhm Chef returns to Running Man! I’m surprised that our Master Sik will come back to the variety show program sooner than I expected. Not that we don’t mind (we jumped in joy) because this is absolutely awesome!   Yoo Ah In showed viewers his animated, adorable, cutesy fluffy man-child in his … Continue reading


[PHOTOS & VIDEO] Yoo Ah In is A Playful Geek in THE CLASS 2014 Summer

THE CLASS just released a new catalog for the 2014 summer collections featuring Yoo Ah In as their muse. And again, the concept is almost similar with that of Spring collection (check here)~ his last year’s hairstyle and quirky playful geek chic concept that goes well with our elastic chic Sik ^^ I hope to … Continue reading


[PHOTOS & VIDEO] Yoo Ah In is Sunshine in Lafuma Rhythm Walking Event

In the middle of the drama shooting, Yoo Ah In together with actress Go Joon Hee, attended the Lafuma ‘Rhythm Walking’ Event, as they are the spoke persons of the French sport fashion brand. The event was held on Sunday morning, 6th April, in Jangchung-dong National Theater, Seoul with around 3,000 participants. Looking bright and … Continue reading


Secret Love Affair Crunchy Bites Ep.1-6 : From Brahms, Clara, Richter, to Cerzny 50

  Secret Love Affair reached 5.2% viewerships in By-minute-ratings during the broadcast of the kiss and backhug scene on Episode 5. Ratings also peaked higher to 5.89% on Episode 6, based on AGB Nielsen Korea [Note: 1% ratings in pay tv/terrestrial network is equal to 5% ratings in national public network]. Well, who could resist these?   … Continue reading


Secret Love Affair Jukebox Part 2: The Music Scores Yoo Ah In Plays on Episode 3 to 5

  Secret Love Affair has been spoiling our ears with the beautiful music, in addition to the awesome-sauce storyline and fantastic acting of the two lead actors. Moving on from the Secret Love Affair Jukebox Part 1, let’s find out what inside the Secret Love Affair Jukebox Part 2.   From the lullaby Seon Jae … Continue reading


Yoo Ah In Instagram Update 2014.03.04~2014.03.20 & Translations: The Joker is On!

It had been a crazy hectic month for Master Sik with the ups and downs of roller coaster emotions, especially due to the military service issue that surrounded him (read here). But thank Heaven it’s over now, along with his withdrawal from Seoul Police Promotional Team test and the rapid popularity of drama Secret Love … Continue reading


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