Stars of ‘Fashion King’ Meet for the First Time

The upcoming SBS drama Fashion King brought together Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, Lee Je Hoon and Yuri for its first script reading session.

The session was held on December 24, in Tanhyon.


A total of 20 actors, including Yoo Ah In as Young Gul, Shin Se Kyung as Ka Young, Lee Je Hoon as Jae Hyuk and Yuri, who had just returned from Japan, as An Na, came in to participate.


Also, though The Tree with Deep Roots had just aired its last episode not long ago, Shin Se Kyung showed her enthusiasm for the piece without showing any exhaustion.


Producer Lee Myung Woo, along with Lee Sun Mi, who he worked with for Something Happened In Bali, writer Kim Ki Ho and CP Choi Mun Suk, also came in for the session. The 20 actors showed their devotion by acting out the script as if they were in the actual shoot.


Fashion King is a story about the challenges and successes of youth currently racing toward the world, with love and greed. The drama will follow Salaryman.


Photo credit: SBS, Source: enewsworld


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