Yoo Ah In Wants to Get Melodrama with Song Joong Ki

Yoo Ah In had a major bromance moment on national television, when he chose Song Joong Ki as the next partner he would like to act in a romantic drama with.


With the success of the movie ‘Wandeugi’, Yoo Ah In has become one of the top actors to watch in 2012. Yoo Ah In is loved by many people of different age groups and gender. Yoo Ah In drew attention pointing out who he would like to act opposite a melodrama.


In an installment MBC’s ‘Section TV Entertainment Relay in the past, Yoo Ah In had said that he wants to act opposite Lee Mi Sook in a melodrama. Yoo Ah In drew attention saying that he saw it on a program that Lee Mi Sook gave a positive answer to that and he confessed that he likes Lee Mi Sook even more for being so cool.


Then Yoo Ah In was asked who else he would like to act opposite  in a romanctic drama this year, and he answered jokingly “Song Joong Ki?” and made everyone laugh.


He said, “In the last broadcast I said I wanted to act with Lee Mi Sook, and I received her reaction. This year, it’ll be Song Joong Ki.”

In a recent poll to choose the actor that looks the most handsome in school uniform,  Yoo Ah In was selected as the #1 actor while Song closely followed in second. Yoo showed that he was happy to have won the poll, and yet didn’t forget to touch on his friendship with Song.


Yoo Ah In’s unstoppable talk skills will be shown on the January 8th installment of ‘Section TV Entertainment Relay’.


You’re so funny, Mr. YOO!


Source: Kpopfever and enewsworld via Nate


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