Shin Se Kyung and Yoo Ah In Charm at ′Fashion King′ Press Conference


Yoo Ah-in & Shin Se-kyung praise each other on the Fashion King Press Conference, March 14th.

Yoo Ah-in:

“Shin Sekyung-ssi has a profound and mysterious charm about her. As such, I′m sure she will be able to show her many appeals in different ways. She has an abundance of natural charm. To stray from saying the usual ′cute′ and ′lovable′ compliments, I spent some time with her and even told her once that she was one amazing kid.”

“Shin Sekyung-ssi brought a fresh meaning to her lines on many separate occasions and I′m very pleased with the fact that her responses are far from predictable.”


When it was Shin′s turn to speak, Yoo turned to her and said, “Do a good job, ok?” revealing his cute charm and drawing laughs from the audience.

Shin Se-kyung:

“I wanted to join Fashion King when I heard Yoo oppa was going to appear in it [laughs]. While I usually don’t express my feelings, I′ve learned a lot from Ah In oppa. When I’m working, there are many times when I get the feeling of passing time. I usually just adapt to the script that is given and live a rather straight edged lifestyle.

“However Ah In oppa is different. There were many times when I forget [my purpose] in life. That has always a bit worrisome to me. But Ah In oppa has his goals and believes them to be right, and doesn′t get fazed by the opinions of other people. He was also like that in his acting and there were many things I could learn from him.”


Aww…aren’t they so cute?


Source: enewsworld, photos: tumblr


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