‘Fashion King’, Yoo Ah In vs Lee Je Hoon opposite appeal same magnetic pull


The two leading male actors of SBS drama ‘Fashion King’ Yoo Ah In and Lee Je Hoon each show their unique acting for the project.


Yoo Ah In plays the role Kang Young Gul who is rough and unstoppable rebel who has been through it all and Lee Je Hoon plays the role of Jung Jae Hyuk who is an heir to a conglomerate who is cold, calm, and collected.


The production team’s assessment also showed confidence in the two actors as it was said, “Yoo Ah In shows an acting style that seems spontaneous and uncalculating but he’s attractive as if that fits him just so. On the other hand, Lee Je Hoon plays the role of a straight arrow and is showing solid acting with attention to details and much analysis. The harmony of the two actors is creating a synergy that should be enough to attract the viewers.”



Yoo Ah In’s character suffers living under his father who’s become an alcoholic after his mother left him for another man. He is then passed on to his aunt and grows up with just as much abuse and neglect and dreams of going to the U.S. after being discharged from the military but gives up on the dream and makes a living selling clothes in Dongdaemoon.


Lee Je Hoon’s character is an heir to a conglomerate that owns many companies in architecture and fashion industry and grows up without anything to want for but is the classic chadonam. (Chadonam: A man who is extremely rational and is clear on what he wants but is sweet to the woman he loves.)


The level of anticipation on the drama ‘Fashion King’ is high with not only actors Yoo Ah In and Lee Je Hoon appearing but the rest of the cast including Shin Se Kyung, Kwon Yuri, Jang Mi Hee, Lee Hye Soon, and Lee Han Wee expected to add to the quality and fun factor of the drama.


Source: TV Report via Nate


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