[Spoiler] “Fashion King” Yoo Ah-in and his perfect character


Actor Yoo Ah-in took control of the SBS drama “Fashion King” and completely made it his own with his desperate life.


Yoo Ah-in characterized as Yeong-gul from a small clothes store that made fake brands on the first episode of “Fashion King” aired on the 19th. He portrayed with perfection, the low-life he was living, in unsteadiness and owing money to loan sharks.


Yeong-gul on this day was different with the other characters in quality. Unlike Ga-yeong (Sin Se-kyeong) who was talented or Jae-hyeok (Lee Je-hoon) who had financial power, Yeong-gul worked it off.


Yoo Ah-in acted out ‘Yeong-gul’ as if he understood him from gestures to the way he talked as well. He did well to leave the impression of a tough merchant with his lousy outfit and the way he spat at Ga-yeong.


However, words can’t explain how real Yoo Ah-in’s acting was. In the way he lived in the slums, viewers could tell that he was about to change as the drama goes on.


Not only that, Yoo Ah-in was the perfect ‘bad guy’ women love so much when he handed over the money for Ga-yeong himself when he was just a merchant selling fake brands and didn’t know how to talk to people nicely.


Curiosity was provoked as viewers wonder what more would come as the drama proceeds and Yoo Ah-in partners up with Sin Se-kyeong or Kwon Yoo-ri.


At the end of the episode, Ga-yeong and Jae-hyeok as well as Yeong-gul showed signs of leaving to America.



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Source: Hancinema


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