Yoo Ah In: “I Am Really Ugly, but I Like That About Myself”

Yoo Ah In wrote on his twitter March 20,

“I am really ugly but I like that about myself ha ha.” Then he wrote, “I can’t rationalize that, kk thank you.”


Netizens that have come across Yoo Ah In’s tweet stated, “How are other people supposed to live then?” “It doesn’t make any sense,” “does he really think that way?” and “’Fashion King’ is the best best best.”


Currently Yoo Ah In appears on the drama “Fashion King.” The basic synopsis of “Fashion King” is about designers that began in Seoul’s Dong Dae Moon (A shopping district in Seoul) and later transform into successful and global designers. Yoo Ah In’s character starts off as a merchant in Dong Dae Moon and becomes a designer, while Shin Se Kyung’s character is somewhat of a designer genius. Girls’ Generation Yuri also appears in the drama.


I know that he happened to say in an interview that he liked people calling him ugly. He’s such a quirky person but we love him for that 🙂


Source:  Soompi and Ain’s twitter


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