Yoo Ah In Upset with Lady Gaga Seoul Concert’s 18+ Rating


Yoo Ah-in turns to “angry bird” by tweeting 5 times-in-a-row because of Lady Gaga~!

On April 2, Yoo Ah In posted on twitter,

“Is there a convincing evidence of Lady Gaga’s concert being hazardous and inappropriate for teens? What is this? Some 80s style sex education based on the idea that the youth doesn’t need to know?”

Yoo Ah In also posted Lady Gaga’s “The Edge of Glory” music video on twitter and commented, “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving.”

These angry tweets are aimed at the Korean Media Rating Board’s recent ruling regarding Lady Gaga’s upcoming concert in Korea. According to Hyundai Card Co., the sponsor of upcoming Lady Gaga’s concert, Korea Media Rating Board categorized Lady Gaga’s concert as 18+ (equivalent to the American NC-17 rating), because it is too lascivious.

This is the first time of a visiting popular artist’s concert being rated not appropriate for teens by Korea Media Rating Board since Marilyn Manson’s concert in Korea in 2005.

Netizens commented, “Yoo Ah In is so brave for saying that,” “It is true that the ratings standards seem to be ambiguous,” “I already bought my tickets, but now have to sell it. This is upsetting,” and “I agree with you.”


Way to go, Mr. Yoo!


Source: Soompi , photo: Yoo Ah In’s twitter


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