Yoo Ah In harshly criticizes the rating on Lady Gaga concert

Actor Yoo Ah In recently criticized the rating on Lady Gaga concert, banning those under 18 from attending the upcoming concert.

On April 2, Yoo tweeted,

“Are there any acceptable standards and grounds proving the concert is harmful and unsuitable for teenagers? They’re being ambiguous and have an ancient, absurd idea that minors had better not know things.”

The heart-throb proved that he is a big fan of the female singer’s by posting a clip titled “The Edge of Glory,” which was released a Lady Gaga’s special TV show titled A Very Gaga Thanksgiving.

The concert had an initial age rating of 12 and older, but South Korea’s ratings board adjusted it up to 18 last week, according to the organizer Hyundai Card, which has provoked a heated controversy.

Netizens responded: “That’s what I wanted to say.” “He’s absolutely right.” “There you go, Yoo!” “I was kind of waiting for someone speak out.”


That’s the Yoo Ah In we know!


Source: Korea.com and @LadyGaga on twitter


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