Yoo Ah-in to debut as a writer!

Good news, Sikseekers! We’ve been wondering and waiting for this to happen, and it seems we’re getting there~

Yoo Ah-in’s agency Star K Management confirmed that there’s a plan to collect Yoo Ah-in’s writings from his personal blog (mini hompy) and his twitter account, and take them out as a book.

However the book will not come out anytime soon, probably 1 or 2 years later.

Yoo Ah-in has been active writing for 8 years in his mini hompy and 2 years in twitter.

He is famous for his poetic and sharp writing style, ambiguous and full of wordplays, which make people drawn more into his thoughts.

If this happens, it will look good on Yoo Ah-in’s resume. The Jack of All Trade.

Source: Starnews

2 Responses to “Yoo Ah-in to debut as a writer!”
  1. ami says:

    Impressive. He’s very talented. No plan to expand his wings to Hollywood?

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