Yoo Ah-in wants to play in a romantic comedy!

OMG! This is what I want to hear from him!

On the interview with TV Daily, 1st June, Yoo Ah-in expressed his appreciation to his loyal fans.

The character that Mr. Yoo plays in melodrama ‘Fashion King’ is so tragic and it takes a great effort to depict Kang Young Gul.

Many people wondering why and blame him for choosing the character, but his loyal fans understand the reason he picked this drama.

Yoo Ah-in said, “My fans know me very well that I don’t feel like trying to look pretty [as character in a drama]. However they’re concerned because I seem so tired [doing this role].”

The actor then deeply expressed his appreciation to fans concern by saying, “Next time I want to try a very ordinary character. And I’m thinking of an ordinary sweet romantic comedy.”

~~~awwwww!!!! We’ll be waiting for this!

One Response to “Yoo Ah-in wants to play in a romantic comedy!”
  1. fafaa says:

    Wish that one day he’ll be playing as male lead along with Park Min Young as female lead in a romantic comedy. Keukeukeu

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