Yoo Ah In: “I want to be a natural actor”

Yoo Ah-in interview with Osen reveals much of his thoughts about his recent drama~

“Young Gul matches my personality to some extent. We both have the same strong desire. The most important keyword for me is ‘maturing’. The best that I pursue is also about ‘maturing’. But Young Gul is worse than I am.”


He states that he feels sympathy toward his character~

“I feel that Kang Young Gul is a real child living in a world that feels so unreal. The scene where he’s drinking soju with Choi Anna in a hotel room is the one closest to reality.”

When asked about Fashion King’s sad ending, Yoo Ah-in gives a shocking answer~

“I don’t think there is a happy ending in real life.”

If you personally [as Yoo Ah-in] have to choose, which one would you choose between Ga Young and Anna?

“Anna seems to be a better choice. I would always be protective for Ga Young, but with Anna I’d be able to confide myself.”

What do you often do in your spare time?

“Sleep and sleep more! Go for a drink and go traveling. I tend to write a lot too, like writing poetry in my journal.”

What do you expect from people to see in you as an actor?

“I want to hear them call me a ‘Natural Actor’. Not only as character in a drama. I want to be a natural actor.”


I think Sikseekers have called you so ^_^

Translated by Admin007/Sikseekland



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