Actor Yoo posts controversial comments on Twitter

Actor Yoo Ah-in’s opinionated comments have always been an issue.

Yoo posted a comment about the general election results in his twitter feed, on April 12 after the progressive party side was only able to win 148 seats, far less than expected.

“I wish the progressive party were more progressive. Election isn’t a war. I hope progressiveness doesn’t rot away in the current political state. Don’t even say we lost. Opposition party protagonists aren’t remnants of the defeated. I want to see what the party can do in a progressive way of the results and so forth”.

Ten days earlier, he posted his strong opinion about the age regulation on world-renowned pop star Lady Gaga’s concert in Seoul, prompting a controversy online.

“Were standards and evidence for sexually aggressive content of the concert given to the underage audiences who aren’t able to attend? Are we still teaching sex-education from the 80s?”

The tickets to the concert, which was held at Jamsil Stadium on April 27, were first sold as parental guidance(PG) age of 13 but later on changed to PG-18 on grounds that the Lady Gaga concert had controversial expressions and therefore was not fit for minors.

Yoo Ah-in said,

“There isn’t a place other than twitter where I can express my opinion. I wish to be respected as a part of society and cannot ignore such things.”

Source: Hancinema

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