June news bits: Interviews with Yoo Ah In

After Fashion King wrapping up last month, media lined up to get some interviews with Yoo Ah In to dig out his thoughts particularly about the drama and personality as well. Here are links to June articles that we gathered with some short excerpts and the photos.

Oh My News ~ 1st June

Yoo Ah-in:

“I fear those who dictate what people must think of~ that we must have the same thoughts, ideas, direction and purpose. I fear homogenization.”

TV Report ~ 3rd June

Starnews ~ 5th June [part 1], and [part 2]

BreakNews ~ 04th Jun

Yoo Ah In:

“I feel glad that Fashion King is over. I always feel happy at the end of the work day. Now I can eat well and sleep comfortably.”

“I saw the character as nasty, naughty, and very realistic. He’s different from any other character in a drama, he has a fresh appeal and draws into my heart.”

“For my future drama, there is no specific role to pursue. But I want to take a realistic character.”

etoday ~ 7th June

The media calls Yoo Ah-in with names that show his style, such as free spirit, frank, ingenuous, irreverent, and blank. It’s all because most of his statements are controversial and spark debate among people.

What about his style in dealing with love?

He said, “I’m not the kind of man with worrying nature. When I like someone, I will not hide my confession. If I have a crush I’ll be the one taking the first step. Being shy or afraid is not my style.”

Star E Daily ~ 11th June

Yoo Ah-in:

“I’m not acting to fulfill the fantasies of people, but rather to show who I am as a real human. I won’t ignore the negative and the dark sides of reality.”

“An actor is not just playing his role, but rather actually an artist who creates one character to life.”


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