Yoo Ah-in’s twitter update 12.06.12

On 12th June (KST) Yoo Ah-in posted several long tweets. Right after that, a famous Korean rocker Yoon Do-Hyun tweeted him by saying that he is Yoo Ah-in’s fan.

Here’s one part of Ah-in’s tweets. He sounds like throwing a joke to a particular someone:

“Speaking ill of you but not blocking you so that I can continue to speak ill of you, the reason of having too much free time. I must admit by putting you down might make me look better..hahaha”

Thanks to Jammie nim for the translation ^_^

One Response to “Yoo Ah-in’s twitter update 12.06.12”
  1. sweetgodzilla says:

    Thank you for keep updating! Figting admin!

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