Yoo Ah-in : “I’d rather die if I could not speak up”

Actor Yoo Ah-in is best known for his outspoken thoughts through twitter. Ever since the drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” Yoo Ah-in got his nickname as the “21st century hongbyeokseo” (red messenger).

Through twitter, Yoo shares his personal feelings about daily life and all things around him the way they are that draws people admiration for his courage.

“I write all the essays via Twitter with purpose~ I explore around on my own and tell people what I think. It’s just a very human thing to express my own opinion. It’s the chance to ponder the issue that I saw”

Some of his tweets are his criticism and perspective towards political situation in South Korea.

“The reason behind those political tweets is because I’m interested in politics. Because politics relate to people’s life here. Our life depends on those politicians.”

Yoo Ah-in is aware that people pay attention on his tweets and he hopes to give them a positive impact.

“We are taught to learn not to say anything~ that life is better if you shut your mouth. But I think this attitude does not fit for 20-something like me.”

“While I’m still alive I want to be able to express my thoughts. And twitter is my only way to do that directly.”

Some people wonder if his appearance and attitude in front of public are just the same as his real personality out of spotlight.

“Yoo Ah-in that you see on TV almost has no difference with my real personality~ what you see is what you get. You see just one me. Sometimes I can be polite, sometimes rude. I have many sides as a human, but most people just want to see one side of actor’s personality.”

Yoo said he won’t be bothered to create an image just for people’s liking. “I’d rather die if I could not speak up my mind and act according to my own judgment,” he said.

Source: TV Daily

Translated by Admin007/Sikseekland


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