“Being an actor isn’t as cool as I thought it would be”

Yoo Ah In is the biggest young star in film, drama and even fashion these days. Because of this, when it became known that he would be starring in the drama Fashion King, interest soared high.


That interest even peaked higher when news broke that he would be acting alongside Shin Se Kyung, Lee Je Hoon and Girls’ Generation’s (SNSD) Yuri.



As much as the initial attention was positive, the ending of the drama made everyone feel emptier.


Viewers were hit with a sudden dead end when Gang Young Gul, played by Yoo Ah In, was shot by a mysterious gunman. The drama was deemed a shipwreck, and criticism tore it apart. The ending was also more unexpected because most dramas usually had happy endings, with the two leads falling in love with each other, living happily ever after.


How did Yoo Ah In feel about this shocking conclusion?

“I actually knew about the ending beforehand, so I didn’t have any complaints. I just thought there was a great difference between my knowing the ending, and actually getting there through the 19 episodes. Honestly, I can’t say that the course we took to get to that ending was 100 percent satisfactory.”


Yoo Ah In actually chose Fashion King after hearing about its conclusion. Yoo Ah In said on his decision, “It could be a bad thing to say, but I wanted to stab my viewers’ backs.”


He said he wanted to question the happy endings that pop up in 99 percent of the dramas these days.

“I know that the ending of Fashion King and its content are drawing unfavorable reviews. A lot of people thought that Young Gul was a too much like a cheap jerk. The main protagonist needs to be good-looking and great, but our drama didn’t do that. We were supposed to fulfill the fantasies of our viewers, but because we didn’t, and because we broke through those preconceptions, they felt hostile toward it and built up this public opinion.”


Yoo Ah In said that Gang Young Gul was a brash man who showed his greed without hesitation and could use cheats if necessary. If you think about it, a lot of dramas had the Gang Young Gul character; it was just that he was never the main protagonist.


From this aspect, Yoo Ah In succeeded in his initial goal. Viewers were taken aback at Gang Young Gul’s sudden death. No piece can be perfect, and at the very least, Yoo Ah In managed to fulfill his original goal.

“It’s up to my viewers to judge, but I’m sure that I’m always maturing. To the actor Yoo Ah In, ‘maturity’ is the most important keyword.”


Yoo Ah In is ready to take on the criticism sparked from Fashion King, since he is, after all, an actor.

“It’s already been eight, nine years since I started acting. I don’t regret it, but I have realized that being an actor isn’t as cool as I thought it would be. I realized that it’s hard to stay alive as a great actor if I don’t put my back into it. Still, I don’t regret it. I chose to walk this road.”

“That’s why I always try to set straight what’s the biggest thing in my life. I have a job which makes it easy for me to sway due to something that’s not mine,” said Yoo Ah In. “I want to relate to the public while holding a firm center in the midst of all that, with acting that brings comfort.”


Source: enewsworld

One Response to ““Being an actor isn’t as cool as I thought it would be””
  1. sweetgodzilla says:

    Yeaaah.. This Fashion King’s Ending is so YOo Ah In. In the beginning, he’s never be the protagonist. He’s just a less antagonist and it’s so off Mainstream.. SO YOO AH IN! Still I love HIm.

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