Yoo Ah In Becomes Model for Premium Tea Brand, OSulloc

Yoo Ah In has been selected as the new model for Amore Pacific’s premium tea brand, OSulloc.

Yoo Ah In, who is an avid green tea drinker, shared, “Drinking tea not only gives me joy, but gives my heart refreshment and peace. I’m happy to become the model for OSulloc and I hope to show a new side of Korea’s tea culture through a variety of different activities.”

A representative for OSulloc shared to enewsworld, “Through Yoo Ah In who is a trendy icon for the current generation, we hope the tea culture will also be more relatable to his generation and we anticipate he will carry on OSulloc’s image well.”

To kick off his promotions, Yoo Ah In will hold a special tea talk time with fans in Apgujeong on July 6.

About 30 lucky fans will get the chance to meet and have a tea time with him at Osulloc Tea House in Apgujeong.

And here are the pictures of Ah-in for OSulloc advertisements we gathered so far.

From OSulloc Tea Facebook, OSulloc Talk, and OSulloc Tea Website

Osulloc tea ad

Here is video of OSulloc product demonstration with Yoo Ah In

Video credit: JohnDoe097

Next we’ll be posting the photos from OSulloc shooting~


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