Yoo Ah In Joins “Share Your Umbrella” Campaign

As the spokeperson for Amore Pacific’s premium tea brand OSulloc, Yoo Ah-in joins a social campaign held by the company, “Share Your Umbrella”.

“Share Your Umbrella” Campaign aims to raise the awareness of young people towards the flood problem in South Korea. The campaign encourages people to create project to help flood recovery. The event starts from 20th June to 21st August.

Stars such as Yoo Ah In, Yuri, Jo In Sung, and Shin Mi Na will sign their names on the umbrellas which will be sold in all Amore Pacific’s Beauty Points. The sales proceeds of the umbrellas will go to the flood recovery organizations in South Korea.

In addition to that, Amore Pacific will hold a contest called “Star Sign With Yoo Ah In”. The winner of “Share Your Umbrella” campaign project will get a special umbrella with Yoo Ah-in’s signature on it. And that’s only one winner!

Participants can submit their campaign to Amore Pacific Beauty Points from 25th Jun to 2nd Jul. The winner will be announced on 6th Jul.

Here are the campaign pictures taken from LovesBeauty and Amore Pacific website

And here are the ‘Star Sign With Yoo Ah In’ event photos from AP Beauty Points Facebook


One Response to “Yoo Ah In Joins “Share Your Umbrella” Campaign”
  1. sweetgodzilla says:

    why only one??? I want to get that umbrella!

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