MTB Callas new posters and CF’s screencaps

Samchuly bike with model Yoo Ah-in launched the new product line called MTB Callas early last June. Along with that, new posters and banners came out. And as you already knew, first CF just released early this month.

Here are the Callas posters and banners taken from Samchuly Bike website:


Here are two Ain-Callas wallpapers from Samchuly [click to enlarge]


With the new cute and funny CF like that, how could not we expect abundant of screencaps made by fans coming along? Here are some cute Callas CF screencaps by DC gallery [1], [2][3]:

May I take a ride with Yoo?

2 Responses to “MTB Callas new posters and CF’s screencaps”
  1. sweetgodzilla says:

    I like this samchully Callas Ads. So cute!! Ah In’s protruding butt trademark! XD

  2. KongYi says:

    ㅎㅎㅎ Sooo cute~~ I never saw the first photo which makes me excited~~~.

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