Nation’s rebel, Yoo Ah In, biking with good manners!

Breaking news! Nation’s rebel, Yoo Ah In, turns out a Nation’s Gentleman who bikes with good manners!

What? Shocking!

That’s what we learn from the new promotional video of Samchuly Bike for MTB Callas product line~ Apart from learning how to bike safely, of course. Check this cute video out:

The nation’s rebel Ah-in teaches us safety biking~ such as: wearing your helmet, riding in one line, and no speeding around school zone since there are kids (and puppies) playing around ~ all the while with his unique mischievous smile and remarkable playful look. How much cuteness can we take?

According to the company, MTB Callas bike is designed for all people who want to start exercise biking. It’s comfortable for bike lanes and general road.

The second video that shows more of exciting ride scene will be coming out next.

As much as rebel you are, you got to follow safety rules and riding etiquette. And with Ah-in as the model for “safe bicycle culture’, Samchuly hopes the education video will stick to viewers mind.

Sure, how can we overlook the hottie teacher? What a perfect choice that you made, Samchuly!

source: Nate

One Response to “Nation’s rebel, Yoo Ah In, biking with good manners!”
  1. sweetgodzilla says:

    I will Learn how to ride a bike (for second time) if Master Sik teach me personally. YEEYY!! Or Should I just have a ride by sitting in front of his bike while my face facing his.. kyaaaaaaaa ๐Ÿ˜€ (#QIM much!)

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