Yoo Ah-in shows his hallyu star effects through a grand fansigning event

“I came to see you, Yoo Ah In,” said one of fans who came from abroad.

Yoo Ah-in shows the world that he is a Hallyu Star in a grand fansigning event.

On the Jack & Jill fansigning event that was held at Seoul Lotte Department Store, 7th July at 7pm, around 200 fans from Taiwan, China, Japan and other Asian countries flocked the venue to get Yoo Ah-in’s autographs/signatures.

Yoo Ah-in, the exclusive model for New York’s Jack & Jill fashion line, shook hands and hugged fans per request and gave them a friendly smile.

Yoo Ah-in said,” I didn’t get a chance to meet fans after the drama [ended], so I feel happy that I can meet them through this event. I’m really grateful they came from far away [to see me]. I will repay them by working harder.”

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source: sports hankoki, 9th July

One Response to “Yoo Ah-in shows his hallyu star effects through a grand fansigning event”
  1. sweetgodzilla says:

    Hallyu Star Yoo Ah In!! I wonder he likes the title.. hee hee hee.. it’s not so him..

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