Yoo Ah In & Song Joong Ki: Instax Fan Signing Event July 2012

Welcome, SikSeekers~

Finally, this is the first post to debut our new home, Yoo Ah In SikSeekLand~ And our lovely Ah In has teamed up with Joong Ki to do an Instax fan signing event at Seoul Times Square today!!  That makes July 14th, a very special day~  The two of them worked so well together in SKKS~ And finally, the long waited moment has finally come!

In addition, we hope you enjoy your visit at our new home and please excuse some parts of our home are still “under construction”~ haha~ So, do stop by in the future and check our progress!  Thank you~


Here are a few of photos fans took from the event~

Source: DC Gallery

Source: DC Gallery

Source: hunny1004v

Source: MiRaCle

Source: Bakedbanana

Source: Bakedbanana

Source: Moon I

Source: Moon I

Source: Zuzuzu

Source: Zuzuzu

Please click the Instax Fan Signing Event July 2012 Album to view more photos~

And here are two clips that Zuzuzu nim shared~ Enjoy… And thanks again, Zuzuzu nim!! ^^


8 Responses to “Yoo Ah In & Song Joong Ki: Instax Fan Signing Event July 2012”
  1. selvm0rd says:

    Really enjoy seeing these photos, I love Instax’s idea of putting them together for this commercial, wonder what’s the story behind it 😉

  2. Lobsterbisque says:

    Congratulations on your new page! A lot of hanks and love to all the international admins and contributors who make it possible for us to follow Yoo Ah In’s activities so closely at a super fast speed! I really appreciate all of your efforts!

  3. sweetgodzilla says:

    Congratulation!! I’m so excited for our new home! It’s very nice and the debut is very special post, Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki’s Fan Signing Instax. The most anticipated event for me! The pictures really make me drools.. It’s very sharp and professionally taken! Lots of bromance moments too LOVE EEET LOVE EEEETTT.. I couldn’t stop squeeeeeee….. *dies before finish my sentence*

    • mathed2001 says:

      Haha~ Don’t die on me here!!
      If you do, you will miss out even more of these great pics!! hehe~
      Love you, girl~^^

  4. KongYi says:

    Congratulations!! I know you guys have been working hard to make this brand new home wonderful~~Thank you for all your job for everyone.
    I like this event, especially the part that they offered to let two guys in same place.
    They look always adorable~~^^

    • mathed2001 says:

      You made it, girl~^^~ Welcome to our new home!!
      I can’t agree with you more~ The best part is seeing the two on the same stage again!
      Let’s hope someone will give them more of this kind of opportunities in the future!! ^^

  5. Furbabe says:

    So many bromance moments going on there! Rather than finding Instax winner, why not shipping them in a yacht? teehee! 😀

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