[Update with GIFs] Yoo Ah In’s Special Appearance in BoA’s Teaser MV “Only One”

Hello SikSeekers~

Words have been out about Ah In appearing in BoA’s “Only One” MV which is highly anticipated by the public~ Finally, today, BoA’s Teaser MV is released at BoA’s official website!  Interviews & Behind-the-scenes footage will be shown on “BoA 4354” Show on July 28th.  Stay tuned for the full music video and album release!

Here is a quick look at the two of them in the MV~ ^^

Source: TVReport [Photo by SM Entertainment]

Source: Know in, Seek Sik by magicic

Please click the BoA’s “Only One” MV Album for more photos~


And here is the long waited 22-second teaser MV!! Oh~~~Ah In looks so adorable in there… smiling… laughing…  Can’t wait for the full version!!

18 Responses to “[Update with GIFs] Yoo Ah In’s Special Appearance in BoA’s Teaser MV “Only One””
  1. KongYi says:

    Wow~~here they are. They look so lovely~~ I don’t know much about BoA but I’m glad finally Ah-In appeared in MV with BoA~~^^

    • mathed2001 says:

      All I know is that she seems to be quite popular in both Korea and Japan…
      Just as you, I am happy that Ah In will be in the MV!! ^^

  2. Furbabe says:

    YAY!!!! Can’t wait for full MV! This is Sik’s first appearance in MV, right?

  3. sweetgodzilla says:

    This is what I have been waiting for. is this Yoo ah in’s first MV? Or he’s in other MV before? it’s an honor that Diva BOA’s choose master SIK! And it’s a luck for BOA that choosy SIK agreed to work with her LOL

  4. Furbabe says:

    Whoaaah!! Like the GIFs!! ♥♥ So can’t wait for the behind-the-scene!!

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