Weekend Roundup: Yoo Ah In-Song Joong Ki on Junior 8, Fashion King Photobook and..A Vacation?

Greetings, SIKseekers!

Today we have several newsbits to share. Although not official, we heard that our master Sik was spotted in Shanghai, China last week! Woot woot!!

Is this news legit? I’m not sure yet but here are a couple of photos of Yoo Ah In in Shanghai gathered by @Staywithringo taken by fans[1],[2]Β ~ Can you recognize him with the black hat?

You can read the story from a fan who happened to be in one airplane with him from Seoul to Shanghai here [in Korean]

Next up is several scanned pages from Junior Magazine 8th edition that brings up Instax Fansigning event.

Even though we’ve seen their photos everywhere now, I’m sure we never get bored of these couple because we love them so much πŸ˜‰

Here are the scanned magazine scanned by DC Gallery~


Moving on. We’ve got several photos of Fashion King photobook to share.

Apparently SBS published a collection of photos from the drama Fashion King for fans. I wish the photobook is available here!

Here are two from several photos we gathered from the photobook by DC Gallery~

You can check out more photos of Fashion King photobook in our Facebook AlbumΒ πŸ™‚


Last but not least, the Osulloc new banner on Osulloc official website to wrap up this weekend roundup~

Love the smile! I hope you had a blast weekend and ready for Monday. Fighting!


6 Responses to “Weekend Roundup: Yoo Ah In-Song Joong Ki on Junior 8, Fashion King Photobook and..A Vacation?”
  1. mathed2001 says:

    Thank you, Furbabe nim~^ ^~
    While reading the post, somehow, I don’t feel my aching body (from painting the house these past few days) anymore… haha~

  2. I always love newsbits! It’s so updated and compressed news, it only took mins to know what master Sik recently up to. Thanks for the hard work furbabe! XOXO

  3. KongYi says:

    Thank you for all the news. Finally he came back to Korea even though I cannot figure out he is doing well in this hot hot summer, but I believe he is okay~ I am looking forward to his news every day because I know that is the only one thing to cool down this terrible weather and make my routine life lively.

    • Furbabe says:

      You’re welcome. Yes it’s a bizarre hot steamy weather now in Seoul. My friend told me it passed 32 celcius deg. Probably because of the effect of global warming 😦 I think he will feel uncomfortable just like anybody else but I’m sure he’s doing fine πŸ™‚

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