Osulloc Fan Signing Interview Translation

Hello SIKSeekers^^


I got a permission from Mathed nim to post translations directly and this is my very first translation here at our new home!  Again, this is my first time posting so if I make mistakes, please bare with me till I get use to the system here…


This is the link of the original interview: Ebuzz


This translation was a request from Furbabe nim

I only translated Q&A portion of the interview and here it is…


YAI: Hello viewers this is YAI, hope you’ll have a good time


Q: Difference between “brand” actor and “brand” tea?

A: I’m not sure if I’m considered “brand” actor but from patience, passion and not giving up I think maybe you can become the “brand”actor and perhaps the “brand” tea….


Q: Your most attractive quality?

A: I was looking at myself at a hair salon today and thinking, since I haven’t been working I don’t look so good…I don’t know, I don’t think I’m good looking at all compare to other actors….I’m not too confident..


Q: You have a nick name “people’s rebel”

A: I’m actually not really that sassy or stuck up, honestly, I haven’t done anything seriously rebellious but I can’t act forcefully friendly or overly nice


Q: Biggest rebellious act you’ve done?

A: Running away from home, quit school which can’t be considered serious rebellion. Just because you have a strong will with passionate way of thinking and belief, you can’t just simply call that being rebellious I don’t think…


Q: Best way to get close to YAI?

A: Have tea together? or shoju? that might work. People think of me to be difficult but I’m actually very easy


Q: So having cup of tea together works?

A: Probably not with just one but multiple times


Q: Any specific style of date, you want to be on?

A: When I have a girlfriend I go on all kinds of dates, I don’t hesitate


Q: Will you be honest about it if you have a girlfriend?

A: If no one’s asking I won’t tell first but if it’s true I won’t hide it


Q: Any character you are interested in?

A: I don’t usually go for projects that my age group of actors pick, romantic comedy, melodrama, cute love story..I don’t see what’s wrong with playing just everyday characters…


Q: Few words to viewers?

A: Look forward to my next project, hope to meet you all with new and interesting character soon so please stay tune, thank you.


Well, that’s it!

Thanks for reading~


Translated by Jamie.K

4 Responses to “Osulloc Fan Signing Interview Translation”
  1. Furbabe says:

    Thanks so much Jamie! ♥ Love et!!
    And LIKE this –> “Just because you have a strong will with passionate way of thinking and belief, you can’t just simply call that being rebellious”

  2. SweetGodzilla says:

    jamie! Thank you so much for the translation! Looking forward for more posts! Love the post! *big hugs*

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