Wandeugi Goes Oscar! Yoo Ah In is Still BoA’s Ideal Man, Chil Woo The Mighty is Back, and More!

This week we’ve got many excited things to share about Yoo Ah In that keep me smiling [~including the Jack & Jill new photos] ^___^

First off, it’s a really big news for us all and of course for Yoo Ah In.

‘Wandeugi/Punch’ is set to compete to bring home Oscar in The 85th Annual Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film on Feb 2013!

Not only it’s good for Ain’s resume, the movie being nominated alone is beyond awesome! Can I picture him walking on the red carpet now ~with flashing cameras here and there? ๐Ÿ˜€

Osen quoted as saying that the distributor of Wandeugi, CJ Entertainment, is now busy preparing the supporting documents for the Academy committee and Korean Film Council (KOFIC).


Premiered on October 2011, Wandeugi is one of top Korea’s box office movies that successfully garnered 5.31 million viewers. Let’s pray and hope for the best!

[Update 2012.09.13]: Korean Film Council (KOFIC)ย ย announced through its official website thatย Kim Ki-dukโ€™s Venice-winning pic โ€œPietaโ€ย has been chosen as the Korean entry for the Foreign Language Film category at the Oscar. Aww…it’s okay~ not your time yet, Wandeuk ^ ^

Moving on~

I have to admit that BoA the SM princess is a persistent woman.

On August 8, BoA participated in SBSโ€™s radio program Choi Hwa Jungโ€™s Power Time, revealing that her ideal man is either Yoo Ah In or SHINee. โ€œYoo Ah In, who filmed in the music video with me, is pretty close to my ideal type and SHINee counts as well because I like the cutesy style too,โ€ said BoA.


With a good majority of people already knowing that Yoo Ah In is her ideal man, BoA revealed that looks are very important to her when it comes to men. Ooookay! Good eyes you have there, woman!


Here’s the video of BoA in that program~ Skip to 22:56 to watch her talking about our wangjanim. Can you picture Yoo Ah In and BoA as OTP?

Source: Enewsworld

Talking about OTP, here’s another video of Instax Fansigning Event from Arirang Showbiz~ with English sub!

Can I safely say that Joong Ki and Ah In give better chemistry? ^____^

Last but not least, if you have cable, it’s almost time for you to keep an eye on KBSWorld TV because Yoo Ah In’s 2008 drama ‘Strongest Chilwoo’ or ‘Chilwu, the Mighty’ (์ตœ๊ฐ•์น ์šฐ) will start airing on KBSWorld TV on August 13th, Mon~Thu 16:20 & 23:10 (KST).

If you haven’t seen Yoo Ah In’s rocking the mane of glory yet, this is why you should now~ ๐Ÿ™‚

Check more photos in our Facebook page~ Strongest Chilwoo Album

Have a great TGIF!

4 Responses to “Wandeugi Goes Oscar! Yoo Ah In is Still BoA’s Ideal Man, Chil Woo The Mighty is Back, and More!”
  1. KongYi says:

    Wow~it’s really great news that AhIn’s movie goes to Oscar which can’t be better~

  2. Lobsterbisque says:

    It’s so wonderful to hear that Wandeugi is going for an Oscar! I wish them all the best, especially for Ah In! / Ah IN in Strongest Chilwoo is dubbed in our group as doing a shampoo commerical for keeping your hair straight! Honestly I only watched it because of Ah IN, and it took him so long to appea!. After that he just put his heart and soul into acting, as he always does, while others seem to be just having an easy time…

    • Furbabe says:

      “Ah IN in Strongest Chilwoo is dubbed in our group as doing a shampoo commercial for keeping your hair straight!” <——- SUPERB! Can you show us please? Hahahaha

      And yeah I heard the drama wasn't that great in terms of writing etc and according to Dramabeans the only good about it is Yoo Ah In ๐Ÿ™‚ So yeah it's still a must watch

  3. Prim94 says:

    `O`oooscar!!… GO! GO!! GO!!! โWandeukiโž & YuAh-in โž  AjA!!!
    …. excited for every article&news about YAI……lol….\o/….lol
    Thanks XXX

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