[Update with More Pics] JamieK’s Fun Trip to the Fashion King Museum

Hello SIKSeekers~

Our lovely K-translator, Jamie K nim, has been quite busy these days~ Not only she went to visit the Fashion King Museum, she also got married!! Congratulations, girl~ ^^

She shared her story and some of her photos taken at the Fashion King Museum in May~

Article and Photos Originally Posted at World of Ainism~


Few Photos with Ain ^^ [by JamieK]

It’s been crazy last few months!!  Lot has happened…… Aside from me getting married, I had to dump my old pc cos it was just having too much problems, so now I have a Mac pc and after buying and thinking it shouldn’t be that different from regular pc and I shouldn’t have too much problems using it, well I was totally mistaken, Mac is very different from regular pc I’m still figuring things out after a month….  I’m gonna do a quick post to see if I’m doing this right……


Few pictures from my May trip to Korea when I went to Fashion King museum at Lotte Mall next to Gimpo airport….  When I was there sales lady told me that the museum will be closing in early July, which was understandable cause Fashion King TV series ended that week…..  I will do a post on my personal view about the Fashion King series as well soon but first, few fun photos^^


[UPDATES] More pix from Fashion King Museum by JamieK~

After visiting Fashion King museum I realized that lot of Korean Ain fans didn’t know about the museum and I think it was more for the international fans, mostly catering to Japanese, since it was right next to Gimpo airport which is used more with Japanese cos I know more Japanese use Gimpo airport then the rest of us international fans including myself, we all use Incheon airport…

The sales lady told me that museum will continue to feature Korean Dramas, I think she told me the next drama that will be showing at the museum next but sorry peeps I just can’t remember……

I had so much fun there and fans can take much photos as they want and after coming home to U.S I realized looking at other fan photos that I missed alot……

Anyway, I would like to share whatever I have so here they are…..

4 Responses to “[Update with More Pics] JamieK’s Fun Trip to the Fashion King Museum”
  1. Furbabe says:

    Jamie thanks for sharing this! So Awesome~ And you’re so gorgeous!! ♥

  2. SweetGodzilla says:

    Congratulation Jamie!!! Wishing you a blissful, happy marriage and full house family:D
    Thank you for sharing your personal experience in Korea. I love your pictures. You look beautiful and love your make up and hairdo so much!! Btw, the figurine behind you, are they from wax like madame Tussaud?

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