[Weekly Roundup] Yoo Ah In on NYLON TV Korea & Fuji Instax Photobook

Greetings SIKseekers! Today we’ve got several news bits for you and I’m hoping these will rock your socks ๐Ÿ™‚


First of all, Yoo Ah In will appear on Nylon magazine’s cover and fashion spread ย for September edition. I can’t wait to see it!

(photo: Nylon)


Judging from the video, I’m positive it’s gonna be Supah Awesome! Check the video out~

How I love haute couture. You know he would even look awesomely hot wearing a garbage! ๐Ÿ˜€


Here are some screencaps fromย ํ›„์•„ใ…‹ใ…‹ to boost your expectation~

Check more screencaps in our Facebook NYLON TV album


Second, Fuji Instax has released Yoo Ah In Instax Black Photobook. If you are interested, you can buy the photobook on Fuji Instax website.ย Here are some pages from the photobook~


So adorable!ย More pages are available on our Facebook in Instax album. Go check them out ^_^


Next up, we’ve got another video of Bromance…. or Entertainment Rival?? Taken from MBC, let’s enjoy the pretties.


Pssst… Shin Se Kyung invited Yoo Ah In onย TAXI showย [12.08.16] to come to her movie premiere “Return to Base” (R2B). ย She said and laughed awkwardly,ย โ€œAh In oppa, I will contact you through your manager. Please do come if you have time.โ€ ย I found it funny and reveal a bit side of ย Sik :p

(screencapped by @Furbabe)

Check her video outย HERE

Let’s hope Yoo Ah In will grant her wish so that we can get more yummy pictures of him!


Now let’s get on the bike and ride a great weekend ahead!


3 Responses to “[Weekly Roundup] Yoo Ah In on NYLON TV Korea & Fuji Instax Photobook”
  1. SweetGodzilla says:

    Wooowww!!! I love this page so much! Because of this weekly update news!!

    1. Yoo Ah In looks so gorgeous in this nylon cover mag. I love they put some freckles on his face. he reminds me Oliver Twist boy ( he looks boyish here). It’s so London fashion! High fashion… Loveeee EEEETT!

    2. Kyaaaaaa!!! Instax photobook!! I wonder how much will it cost!

    3. The bromance never dies!!! The news keeps the bromance alive! Rock On!

    4. I love love love cheeky Shin Se Kyung teases Yoo Ah In oppa. I wish Yoo A In come attend the premiere out of the courtesy ( means he befriends with SSK not because of she is his ex drama partner) if he comes to the show means.MORE AH IN PICTURE COLLECTION! Supeerrrb!

    5. Ooh I want joyride from “Oppa” Ah in hee hee hee

    • Furbabe says:

      Ah…so they put some freckles on his face! I knew it! He looks boyish and fresh indeed!

      The Instax photobook costs around 25,000 Won, btw ๐Ÿ˜‰

      And thanks for dropping by, pmom~ see you soon! *hugs*

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