Photos of Yoo Ah In in Bazaar Magazine

Hi SIKSeekers~

Ah In is in the Bazaar magazine again!!  Photos are taken by Zo Sunhi nim~ Quite artistic and interesting~

Below are photos scanned by SIC nim at DC Gallery~

Source: DC Gallery~

10 Responses to “Photos of Yoo Ah In in Bazaar Magazine”
  1. Furbabe says:

    Wow…so sexy!! check out the cleavage at pic 2! LMAO
    And the last pic is so ooooh…♥♥

  2. ainnee says:

    1st pic reminds me to steve jobs…

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  1. […] you can see, he’s freckling-colorful in Nylon, being black-white elegant in Harper’s Bazaar, and now he’s also gracing the fashion spreads of Arena~ all for September issue too. […]

  2. […] Ah In poses for 3 fashion magazines this upcoming September~ Nylon, Harper’s Bazaar and Arena that photos we’ve already posted in this blog~ with different style and fashion […]

  3. […] 8th December Yoo Ah In posted in his Instagram and Facebook accounts a pictorial from Harper’s Bazaar, August 2012 issue where he was featured as the 2012 Bazaar […]

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