Photos: Yoo Ah In and Another Vacation in Bangkok

This news has circled around the net since Tuesday right after one of @SIKseekers followers, @cesa_bella, sent several photos of Ain in Bangkok to @SIKseekers twitter account. Right after we posted them on Facebook, one of Ain’s fans from Thailand confirmed that Yoo Ah In was seen in Bangkok since last Friday, 17th August.


On 21st August Yoo Ah In went eating ice-cream at Siam Square and shopping at Siam Paragon. Many fans recognized him and asked for taking pictures with him but he politely declined the request. However, he returned their “wai” (Thai Greetings). Such a gentleman 🙂


I’ve meant to post the story and photos right away in this blog but on second thought it would have been better to keep his privacy a private until, maybe, he’s already flew back home. (Though I don’t know whether he’s already got home now).


Okay, without further ado here are some photos of Yoo Ah In with VJ Utt in Bangkok~

Originally posted on VJ Utt’s twitter, shared by Cesa Bella 44 minutes later, 21st August 2012


Posted on 22nd August by VJ Utt, shared by Cesa Bella several hours later~


Yoo Ah In, Utt and stylist Raymond Chae. Originally posted on instagram by @ying_chittima, shared by Cesa Bella again on 22nd August~


I hope he had a splendid time in Bangkok!


Story source: @Staywithringo and YAI Thai Fanpage

3 Responses to “Photos: Yoo Ah In and Another Vacation in Bangkok”
  1. ainnee says:

    lucky girl to pose between YAI and Utt…its been long time since i saw Vj Utt…

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