More Photos from Jack & Jill 2012 F/W and Flight-X Project with U Ain

Today Jack & Jill Facebook released 7 more new photos of Yoo Ah In for F/W collection, again!

I’m sure these won’t be the last ones and I’m waiting for the complete 2012 F/W collection.


Let’s take a look at the seven photos~^ ^


Jack & Jill is also running a project called “Flight-X Project Jack&Jill + UAin with ELLE”. Take a look at the brochures here~



Basically it’s a model hunt~ girls who are interested to be a model can send their audition video to Jack&Jill, and nine lucky ones will stand the chance to be in a pictorial and photoshoot with Yoo Ah In on October 4th. Wow I wanna see the results! You can watch the Flight-X Project with Yoo Ah In video here


And the bonus for yoo all~ two screencaps from the video ^ ^

(by: @Furbabe)

More photos and screencaps of Jack & Jill are available in our Facebook Album


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