Yoo Ah In Poses for Fashion Magazines Grabs Attention

Good afternoon #SIKseekers~


First off, today is 30th August, the date that marks the first day Yoo Ah-in’s most beloved drama Sungkyungkwan Scandal made known to public in 2010! So let’s give it a shout out~ Happy 2nd Anniversary to Sungkyungkwan Scandal! And the bromance!! YAY! ๐Ÿ˜€


Now let’s move on to another good news~

Yoo Ah In poses for 3 fashion magazines this upcoming September~ Nylon, Harper’s Bazaar and Arena that photos we’ve already posted in this blog~ with different style and fashion theme.


Although the magazines should come up for September issue, all the photos from the three of them have been circulating on the net since mid August in various online communities. And apparently Yoo Ah In drawsย  much attention from the media for his effortless poses and style. Let’s take a look at what they thought about it~


Korea Star Daily reveals much about Yoo Ah In’s new pictorial for Nylon:

This set of photos were taken in accordance with the ten themes, with the unique design and cutting of this collection by designer, Choi Han Suk, and with Yoo Ah In’s perfect performances, the combination successfully made a creative fashion show through the pictorial.


Yoo Ah In’s new pictorial will be featured as the cover picture on the fourth anniversary issue of “NYLON” and is already grabbing so much attention of fans and readers.


The chief photographer of the photo shoot of “NYLON” magazine stated,

“Yoo Ah In was always able to achieve and display a different facial expression and posture according to different themes, he is very dedicated. Every photo is just as perfect, it is difficult to choose one from them. “

Korea Star Daily also gives further article about Yoo Ah In’s thought in Bazaar’s pictorial and a good news about his being nominated at BUIL Film Awards that will be held in Busan this October 4th:

Recently, a new set of black and white pictorial of Yoo Ah In has been unveiled through different online communities. Yoo Ah In was transformed into chic city boy for fashion magazine in the September issue of “BAZAAR” September.


In the shared photos, the actor was posed very randomly and relaxed with ever-changing, lively facial expressions . During the interview, Yoo Ah In revealed his acting philosophy,

“I think in order to become an attractive actor, you can not self-isolate yourself, you should be more outgoing and interact with other people , and at the same time keep the public interested about you.”


Yoo Ah In also said,

“If we say that acting is a kind of art, actors and actresses should also be known as artists. To me, art should have the ability to change the world, and at the same time, we learn and grow with the world.โ€


Yoo Ah In takes acting as a business and he has the passion for it, after a deep consideration, he had taken onto another role for a new challenge.


Yoo Ah In was nominated for the Best Actor Award at โ€œ21th BUIL Film Awardโ€. Other nominees include Kim Yoon Seok, Ahn Sung Ki, Yoo Joon Seung, Ha Jung Woo and Choi Min Juk.


Hello Kpop shares their 2 cents about Yoo Ah In’s pictorial in Bazaar and compares it with Nylon:

Yoo Ah In has captivated fans with his peculiar cheerfulness and relaxed image shown through his latest pictorial for the September edition of fashion magazine Harperโ€™s Bazaar Man.


In comparison to his recent photo shoot for NYLON, the pictorial for Harperโ€™s Bazaar features neutral hues and displays the more graceful side of Yoo as he dons simple and sophisticated knits, formal wear and turtle necks.


What about you girls? Any thought? Personally I lurve ARENA dark-gloomy-Count Hot Winter-like pictorial the most. I have yet to find what these media will say about it ^_^


Happy SKKS Day! Cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚



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