[Weekly Roundup] Yoo Ah In Twitter Update 12.09.01, Samchuly New CF, Flight-X Project, and More

Ah~~ September has arrived. The excitement of festive season is already lingering in the corner of my mind while we’re having some Sik candies to give you today! ๐Ÿ˜€

As we already posted photos of our model boy for September fashion spreads these past few days, today we’ve got juicy bits to add.


First off, Yoo Ah in was online yesterday at 07.40 KST and apparently something quite funny happened to him. Here are his tweets:

Our good friend Kristine (@daforain) explained to us thatย Yoo Ah In took a cab last night but he forgot to bring his cash (he only brought card).

So, Yoo Ah In addressed his tweet to the cab driver and said,ย “I’m sorry ahjussi”ย because he couldn’t pay for the taxi fare. It seems he just realized he didn’t bring any penny when he has reached Namsan tunnel. Haha~ is this considered as a public apology?

His manager, Jaemin nim, has been hospitalized these past week and it might explain why Yoo Ah In didn’t have someone to drive him out/home as usual, thus he took a taxi instead.

A few hours later Jaemin replied his tweet, “You’re an actor? Why don’t you call (another road) manager?”.

LOL poor Sik! And witty manager nim! ๐Ÿ˜€

Let’s pray for Jaemin manager to get well soon and wish him fast recovery.ย Thanks for the translation, Kristine ^ ^


Second one, Jack & Jill released two photos of Flight-X Project via twitter. Yoo Ah In was making funny faces and goofying around while he was taking someone’s hand with him. Check them out~

(Source: @leesiljjang)


Next up, Samchuly released their second version of “MTB Callas Safe Bike With Yoo Ah In” Campaign video. It’s quite a funny one, depends on how you see it :p

(Cap: DC Gallery)


Here’s the video


The poster for MTB Callas Safe Bike Campaign~

For more photos and screencaps from Samchuly, please go to our Facebook album.


Diadora also released two new photos in their blog. The second photo is actually the same as the one in Diadora 2012 F/W Photobook. Check out the photos~


And this is the picture of Diadora Quiz on their officialย Facebook page


Last but not least, our friend @hyoonmin shared Diadora giant ad from her place~

Whoa! So huge!!


There you go, babes. I hope this could boost your mood ^_^ Happy weekend!


2 Responses to “[Weekly Roundup] Yoo Ah In Twitter Update 12.09.01, Samchuly New CF, Flight-X Project, and More”
  1. mathed2001 says:

    Thanks, Furbabe!! I love your weekly roundup posts!! While busy getting ready for the fall semester to start, it’s great to read your roundup post about Ah In for “escaping” from reality… haha~*hug*~

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