Photos & Story of Yoo Ah In and Moon Chae Won Chamisul CF Shooting

Just early this morning, Beer2Day released photos of Chamisul CF shooting with Yoo Ah In and Moon Chae Won. They also shared the storyline of this CF, which is quite interesting! Here are the photos~


Scene 1: Drinking with boyfriends and girlfriends

The first episode was shot in Hongdae called ‘On The 6’. The guys went out drinking together and the atmosphere was oh so manly.


But when the women came, it turned to somewhat…different. The guys ended up playing soju games and cutely shouting ‘Bunny Bunny” with their girlfriends. Where did the Tough Guys go? Ha!

Yoo Ah In and Moon Chae Won looked so cute together especially when they were practicing the ‘bunny bunny’ games before filming the scene ๐Ÿ˜€


But hey, were these big boys immersing themselves in online game instead of bunny bunny? No, apparently Yoo Ah In was intensively monitoring the scenes that they’ve just shotย  ^ ^


Director: “Make a very very cute and youthful bunny bunny shout out please!” He explained the filming concept to the actors.


Scene 2: Drinking on the payday

Paydays make a generous pocket for the couple. They had an expensive dining and lovely toast, but ended up fighting over ‘bills on me!’ ~ ‘no, it’s on me!’. Heh.


The place looked like one fine Japanese restaurant, but they were actually filming in Hongdae Bar that the talented artistic crews redecorated to a Japanese sushi bar.


For the best closeup scene, Yoo Ah In had to retake several times. I wonder if he would get drunk and need to go to the toilet by the end of the filming ^ ^


Scene 3: Drinking in Italy

Was this really in Italy? A couple of foreigners and antique Italian ornaments on the back seemed said so. But Actually they were filming in a western restaurant called ‘Wisteria’ which is located in Hongdae too.


More soju please!

Don’t they look cute together? ^_^

Scene 4: Drinking in Itaewon

The couple was drinking in Itaewon and they met old friend that they haven’t seen for a while. They had a warm and friendly reunion.


Scene 5: Drinking by the street

It’s very nice drinking after working hour on daily basis by the street vendor, havingย  delicious food together and talking about life ^ ^


And perhaps they got carried away~ pondering life over soju

Numerous staff gathered to shoot the final cut with the two actors. It was a long rough day for all but they’ve worked hard to make a nice CF. Check out their CF and screencaps in our previous postย ^ ^


I personally looove their chemistry! ๐Ÿ™‚ What about you?



12 Responses to “Photos & Story of Yoo Ah In and Moon Chae Won Chamisul CF Shooting”
  1. mathed2001 says:

    Me too me too!!
    Thanks, Furbabe, for posting this one…
    It has been a crazy day… and more to come tomorrow…

  2. Jayden says:

    This is great! Closest I can get to an English sub ๐Ÿ˜€ Finally the CF makes sense to me… I’m also wondering what’s going on in the 60 second one, if you would happen to know!

  3. Furbabe says:

    @ Jayden: basically at first she’s playing hard to get and pretending that she doesn’t drink much (maintaining good girl image) in all occasions they met. But later on when they become an item, it reveals that she’s a soju addict more than the man ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Jayden says:

      Hahahaha! Thanks for the explanation, Furbabe! ๐Ÿ˜€ I was wondering why they were in so many different scenes (and there was that one where he was inexplicably dressed in a tracksuit and they were sitting at different tables). Thanks for the gist of the story.

      • Furbabe says:

        The tracksuit scene is the most hilarious one to me! Just reminds me of Secret Garden..hahaha ๐Ÿ˜€ They have many scenes in different places because I think Chamisul wants to emphasize their message that their soju is perfect for young people anywhere anytime in any occasion ^ ^ And you’re welcome.

      • Jayden says:

        Yeah, actually what were they saying in that scene? Was she pretending not to know him?

        Oh I didn’t think about the Secret Garden shout-out ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hilarious. They need a rom-com together asap.

  4. u 2 are cute together hold on two eachother

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