Jack&Jill 2012 F/W Movie, Flight-X Project and Fall Story “In My Closet” by U A IN

Good day, SIKseekers! I think today’s post is all about Jack&Jill and its projects with Yoo Ah In. Since early this week they’ve been released some promotional photos and news. The most recent one is the full F/W movie. Check it out~



Here are some screencaps we provide for you~

(caps by @Furbabe)

More screencaps are on our Facebook album


Jack&Jill Flight-X Project also made official release about the project with Yoo Ah In along with “2012 Fall Story: In My Closet By U A IN” that will be out as one package for Fall/Winter collection this year.


Kpopstarz reported, Yoo Ah In is looking for a fan to film winter photoshoot with him. The project, called ‘FLIGHT-X’, is an event prepared by “JACK&JILL” in celebration for their 10th anniversary, and it will be choosing a fan to film the winter season photo shoot with Yoo Ah In, with ELLE. The project will be accepting applications until the 25th.


Check out some photos from Flight-X and Fall Story project~


Much anticipating for the final result!


Source: star-e daily, tvreport and JackNJill


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