[Weekly Roundup] DAZED & CONFUSED, Instax Honeymoon, KIAFF, Movie Update and More

Hello SIKseekers! Here we are in the weekly roundup again to accompany your weekend. These are some newsbites telling you a thing or two about what our man doing around this week~


First of all~ Yoo Ah-in is selected by DAZED & CONFUSED Korea, a fashion magazine (not a sunglasses brand, apparently), as one of the models  to be featured in their pictorial exhibition project. Here’s his picture:

Source: bntnews

Can I ask for some more?


According to the representative of Dazed & Confused, Yoo Ah-in alongside Park Si-yeon, Jeong Yu-mi, and singer Kim Bum-soo are selected for having bubbly charms and talent which fits the magazine’s campaign. Uh, so they want us to feel dazed and confused? I’m confused already. lol


These artists will take part in Dazed & Confused pictorial project for charity. The photo exhibition will feature a total of 48 prominent figures in Korea including top models and fashion people, and will launch in October.


50 percent of the proceeds from this exhibition will go to Voice of Korea organization as donations to help those who are suffering a difficult economic situation.


The event is also supported by several fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Nylon, and the likes. Check out more photos of Ah-in in our News, Media, and Magazines Aug-Dec 2012 Album.


Second, Yoo Ah-in was spotted attending the 2012 Korean International Art Fair (KIAF) last Sunday (10/16) with his friends and manager. Some fans posted 3 photos of him, but unfortunately none of them managed to take a picture from the front. Heee! Here are the photos~

It’s nice to know he enjoyed his weekend in an “artsy” way ^ ^


Moving on~ Instax released 2 advertisement photos for their event called “Instax Honeymoon”. The grand prize is a vacation to Maldives! Wow! And what could have been better than illustrations of our one true pairing all smiling happily with flowers? 😀

Source: Instax blog


Diadora just launched a forum in their website called “Diamate”. Basically this forum-semi-miniblog asks people/fans to support Diadora and spread their sporty style to many.


Apart from that, Diadora is holding a quiz called “Diadora Yoo Ah In Autograph Event”. Grand prizes for the winners are 2 genuine leather soccer balls with Yoo Ah-in’s signature on the balls plus 4 Polaroid photos of Yoo Ah-in with his signature too. The event ends on 9/24.

Source: Diadora blog


And last but not least, Yoo Ah-in’s upcoming movie project “Kkangcheori” (“Iron Head”) gets his mom’s cast. Famous senior actress Kim Hae-sook who just played in the blockbuster movie “Thieves” was mentioned as the strong candidate as Yoo Ah-in’s mother in the movie.

In this movie Yoo Ah-in will play as a man leaving the gangster life and trying to start a brand new leaf, back to Busan as a good son wanting to pay sick mom’s medical bills. Less blood, more mother-son bonding?

Source: My Daily

Once again I hope this movie will not turn to something cliché but one that will touch the heart of many 🙂

That’s it for this weekly roundup edition. Don’t forget to join Sikseekers Project:Yoo Ah In 26th Birthday Celebration, folks. It’s gonna be dope!

Furbabe signing off. Happy weekend!

KIAF photos credit: Perier1012 and DC

2 Responses to “[Weekly Roundup] DAZED & CONFUSED, Instax Honeymoon, KIAFF, Movie Update and More”
  1. ainnee says:

    hmmm honeymoon vacation to maldives…i want yoo ah in to become my pair then,hehe…

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