Yoo Ah In’s Activity Schedule Oct-Dec 2012, Diadora New Pic and SIKseekers Project Update!

Happy chuusday SIKseekers! Today we’ve got a few specials to share.


First, here is Yoo Ah In’s schedule information for 3 months ahead. In case you’re planning to travel to Korea for the next 3 months, here’s a chance to meet him in person! Check it out~

Thanks to Min Kim nim who kindly gave us the translation and completed the schedule’s information.


We also got one new photo of Yoo Ah In for Diadora 2012 F/W. Speaking of which, on today’s winner announcement, Kim nim was listed as one of lucky winners of Diadora Quiz, and she will get Diadora prizes with Ah-in’s signature! Wow..congratulations!


On to SIKseekers & Yoo Ah In’s Birthday Celebration Project~ we remind you that it’s just 5-6 days away from the deadline. So far we’ve got really good and warm responds~ and we still want more of you to join in our party πŸ˜€ Just contact your country’s keypersons here for the project pool!

Bring it on, folks!




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