Yoo Ah In Twitter Update 2012.10.03 and Its Translation

Hi SikSeekers~

Ah In finally tweeted earlier today 10/3 (12.10 am KST)!

Below is the translation that my friend did for me at Mathed’s Home:

“If nothing comes out from it, somebody coats something bad in it.  The dirt [dung] isn’t stained by itself.  It’s not someone else’s hand.  It’s yours.  Your hand is coated with the dung.  Shame on you. 얼레리 꼴레리”

Note: 얼레리 꼴레리 ~ This is a Korean phrase; usually children’s wordplay, used to bully somebody when a situation is shameful.

According to my friend, in Korea, there will be a presidential election in December.  His tweet seems to refer to the political issue that is going on now.  But then again, it also might be meant for another situation besides political issues since he didn’t make it clear.

Thank you for the translation 🙂

3 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Twitter Update 2012.10.03 and Its Translation”
  1. Furbabe says:

    Thanks for the translation, babe! Though I didn’t know the political situation in Korea right now, I still can grasp the sense of his tweet since it’s quite universal IMO.

  2. selvm0rd says:

    Thank yoo for the translation. Another smart tweet from this special guy, he never stop amaze me everytime he tweet out sumthing from his.. brain… ^____^

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