Yoo Ah In JACK&JILL Fansigning Event 121005, and It’s SIKday, Folks!

Good day,ย SIKseekers! Today is 6th October~ and it’s Yoo Ah In’s 26th Birthday!! ๐Ÿ˜€

We are so excited in celebrating SIKday! All of us SIKseekers on twitter have been partying since midnight. I think I pulled an all-nighter on occasion~ lol!


You still can join our twitter party today; just throw your birthday wishes to Ain @seeksik and add our hashtags #SIKday and #SIKseekers on your tweet. Our twitter admin @SIKseekers will retweet yours too ย (^ __ ^)


Here are some cute stuffs/fanarts that some SIKseekers tweeted in SIKday~

(from @SweetGodzilla)

(from @cooky0248)

(from @d_lawbreaker)

(from @AshaSummer)

(from @mochimochila)

(from @moqle3a)

(from @Furbabe)

Keep sending your love, folks~ Let Ain know that many people love him much ๐Ÿ™‚

And now~ here are the photos from the Jack&Jill fansigning event that was held several hours before Yoo Ah In’s birthday in Lotte Young Plaza. He looks so cute with military hat!

These are from our friend Moon-I nim

Very very high quality photos! Thanks for sharing with us, Moon-I nim!

Go to her blogย to see complete set of photos, babes!

There are many photos from different sources too. You can go see them all in our Facebook page inย Jack&Jill Fansigning Event Albumย ~ so go check them out ๐Ÿ™‚

We also got the a short clip of this fansigning event taken by our lovely friend Noiko/Juri~ Click HEREย to watch. Thanks so much, deary!

Hey, what about our ‘SIKseekers Yoo Ah In 26th Birthday Project’? Don’t worry, we will report the result soon!

In the meantime let’s celebrate SIKday and have a great weekend!!ย ( /^ 3 ^)/

3 Responses to “Yoo Ah In JACK&JILL Fansigning Event 121005, and It’s SIKday, Folks!”
  1. selvm0rd says:

    Thank you for the photos… He looks fresh and stylish… Happy birthday Master Sik!

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