[Photos & Fan Story] Yoo Ah In Sporting New Haircut! For his new movie? Lucky Fan Meets Him

Good day SIKseekers! Today we’ve got a few things to share from fans to fans!
As you already knew, Yoo Ah In is readying up for his next movie “Thin Head” that will start filming next month. And apparently he’s now sporting a new haircut! So, could this be for his new movie?

Lucky fans from DC Gallery just met Yoo Ah In at his agency on his birthday, Oct 6th, and they took 2 photos of Yoo Ah In! In these photos he’s wearing a cold jacket which is a special present from the fans. Check them out!

lol plain haircut!


Also check out all the birthday presents from DC Gall that Yoo Ah In received here ~ Believe me, they’re SO awesome!


This is the story from one of the DC girls who came by Yoo Ah In’s office that day to give him the YAI DC Gallery’s presents (since my Korean is limited, I cannot tell much the details about her story) ~


Basically she met and talked with Yoo Ah In, and she was too nervous when he was posing for her. She said Yoo Ah In smiled, talked and laughed a lot with his distinctive laugh that cheered up everyone. He was in a good mood, really nice and friendly. While she almost died of nervousness because he was near, he was really calm and relax around them.


He shook her hands and patted her shoulder and wore the present (a jacket from YAI DC Gallery). The girl was afraid the jacket doesn’t fit his size, but Yoo Ah In said it’s okay and that he’s in exercising mode for his movie (body builder?). And he wore the jacket right in front of her!


He was actually in the middle of a shooting/filming but he came back on the break time to talk to her and the others. So sweet! Full Story is here~


If any of you can give complete translation, it will be a great help and we really appreciate it!


Now talking about haircut, I found that lately some articles put Yoo Ah In in comparison with other artists and call them both doppelganger or long-lost-brothers.

Soompi quoted as saying: Yoo Ah In Finds His Doppelganger in

“Chic-dol” MR. MR.’s Tei is attracting attraction for his resemblance to actor Yoo Ah In. Following the performances, many netizens began comparing Tei with Yoo Ah In on various online communities. As shown in the photo, the two shared a similar sculpted side-profile with a pronounced jawline, sharp nose,and more.


Almost similar article goes for Yoo Ah In being compared to Phantom (팬텀) Hanhae

…which got me thinking~ Doppelganger? Long-lost-brother? Naah.. to me they’re just sporting the same haircut. Whatcha think?




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