SikSeekers’ Duel Project Report – Part I: Birthday Celebration

Hi SikSeekers~

First of all, thank you all for those participated in our duel project part I~ And I also hope most, if not all, of you had a fun #SIKday on twitter too!


Greetings were collected, compiled, printed, and presented to Ah In along with a birthday card and all his birthday presents on his birthday, Oct 6th! 


There are a total of 112 SikSeekers greetings for Ah In from Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Myanmar, UK, and US~ Daebak!


In addition, we also presented a lovely poem for Ah In written by @vordth and artwork by @Furbabe~ This was made into an 8″ x 10″ poster!


In terms of his presents, we have prepared some lovely wine and CDs by various indie music groups from different countries.  Below you will find a list of the titles, brief descriptions and samples of the CDs:


  • There are three CDs from SikSeekers in Indonesia:

Our SIKseekers, @Furbabe, @SweetGodzilla, @rt4882, @ailave, and @xi__a consulted and decided on the following three CDs to buy~

@Furbabe also purchased the CDs, sent in the CDs and wrote the introduction note of each CD for SIKseekers~

1. MOCCA – Colours

Mocca called themselves as a Lovely story-telling pop band. Originally formed as a campus band in 1997, Mocca’s musical style is inspired by the retro sounds of the 70s, with influences of swing, bossa nova, Swedish pop, and jazz. With simple and beautiful songs, all in English, the band gained popularity in neighbors countries especially in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Some of their songs are popular in South Korea too, and often used as the jingle for CFs. Mocca’s latest international show was a solo concert held in Seoul, South Korea on May 2009. Their songs are also used for several Korean movie & drama soundtracks, including Bandhobi, Personal Taste, and Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.


Here’s one of the songs from Mocca’s album Colours:

Mocca – Do What You Wanna Do (OST Bandhobi / 반두비)

Official website: 

2. Endah & Rhesa – No Where To Go

Endah N Rhesa is a couple of husband and wife who make musical project comprising acoustic guitar, bass and vocal. Endah Widiastuti (vocal, guitar) and Rhesa Aditya (bass) met each other in a rock band in early 2003. Shortly after the two left the band in 2004. From that time being, Endah and Rhesa started to play together in campus events, and the feedbacks toward their music were tremendously positive. Finally, they decided to create a stage name for their duo/musical project which comes from their own names: Endah N Rhesa. They marketed and distributed their albums all by themselves through their stage acts.


Here’s one of the song from their album No Where To Go:

Endah N Rhesa – When You Love Someone
Official Website:


3. Raisa – Self Titled “Raisa”
Raisa Andriana, 22 years-old, was originally a Youtube performer and the member of a girl band in Indonesia. Her musical genre is jazz, blues, and soul. She shared her music through Myspace and Youtube channel before finally signed contract with a recording label. She released her first album in 2011.


Here’s one of the song from her album “Raisa”:

Raisa – Could It Be



  • There are two CDs from SikSeekers in Japan:

Our SikSeekers, @kuku8122, @mimochan807, @kanonjeje, @riainpiko, and @mari_4i7 consulted and decided on the following two CDs to buy~


@mari_4i7 and @riainpiko wrote introduction notes for each CD and translated into Korean for Ah In.~


@kuku8122 purchased the CDs, printed out the introduction notes, and sent in the CDs~


Below, @kuku8122 also translated the notes to English for SikSeekers~

1. 『High noble march』by 테수라는 울지 않는다 (TESLA doesn’t know how to cry)
This is the first album of a Indies band called “TESLA doesn’t know how to cry”, which has been the most remarkable this year. You can dance with their rock sounds music, and the lyrics of their songs contain positive messages that the future is bright. All songs are good and we think that you will like it. Please enjoy listening to their music.

올해 주목,「테스라는 울지 않는다」라고 하는 밴드의 퍼스트 앨범입니다.
록인 사운드가 춤출수 있는 노래나,미래는 어둡지 않다고 하는 메시지를 느끼는 노래가 많이 있습니다.
아인씨에게 소개하고 싶은 노래입니다.
꼭 들어봐 주세요.



“Cold Girl Lost Fiction” in the album 『High noble march』

Official Site テスラは泣かない。/테수라는 울지 않는다 /TESLA doesn’t know how to cry


2.『Diving into your mind』by 하타케야마 미유키 (Hatakeyama Miyuki)

This is a debut album of Ms. Miyuki Hatakeyama who is a singer song writer. Her gentle shiny voices will attract you very much. You will also enjoy feeling softness of her beautiful lyrics. All songs are lovely love songs. Nice songs to listen to when you enjoy your relaxing time in the afternoon of the weekend. Please enjoy listening to her music.

싱어·송 라이터, 하타케야마 미유키씨의 데뷔 앨범입니다.
상냥하게 윤기가 있는 목소리가 매력적입니다.
가사의 부드러운 울림을 느껴 주세요.
어느 노래도 근사한 러브 송입니다.
휴일의 오후에 방에서 편하게 들으면 맞는 노래라고 생각합니다.
부디 들어 보아 주세요.




Diving into your mind』

Official Site 畠山美由紀/하타케야마 미유키/Hatakeyama Miyuki



  • There are two CDs from SikSeekers in Philippines

Our SikSeeker, @kitsuneMD, has prepared the following notes for SikSeekers~

1. Eraserheads: The Reunion Tribute Album

Eraserheads is one of the Philippines’ greatest bands. This album includes their hit songs, rendered by some of the Philippines’ finest artists/bands.


With A Smile – Aiza Seguerra


Minsan- Callalilly


Ang Huling El Bimbo-Jay Durias


2. Pinoy Akustik Hits

A compilation of famous acoustic songs from different artists. MYMP’s former vocalist, Juris Fernandez, has managed to make some of her songs known in Korea as well.

A Little Bit (MYMP)


Moonlight Over Paris (Paolo Santos)


Get Me (MYMP)



  • There are three CDs from SikSeekers in Thailand:

Our SikSeeker, @staywithringo, has prepared the following notes for SikSeekers~

1. Singular

The Duo group includes “Sin” (Tossaporn), a singer-songwriter who has performed with the Bangkok Opera, and “Nut” (Chotiwut), the band’s guitarist who won a gold medal at the national guitar awards. Their musical character is likened to the Metro-Acoustic style.


Bao Bao (Tender)


Some Other Day – feat. Depapepe


2. Scrubb

Scrubb is the combination of two former music lovers “Muey” (Thawachpon) and “Ball” (Torpong). They mentioned that their songs were come out of everything around them and their lifestyle. It is just a normal function of voice recorder that they’re both used when they’re working on underground project.






3. Slot Machine

Slot Machine is a rock band. They were awarded Song of the Year for “Parn” at the Seed Awards held in January 2007, having also been nominated for Rock Album of the Year and Rock Artist of the Year.




Parn (Yesterday)



Now here are some photos of all the things that were delivered to Ah In after all the packing were done! Thank you, AncientKingdom nim!! 😀


The greeting booklet which consists of a total of 28 pages of greetings~

The artwork with the poem that starts our greetings~


And here are some of our greetings~


Now, the packed CDs~


Finally, great wine to celebrate Ah In’s birthday!!

Once again thank you SIKseekers for all your participation and support in our 1st project! 😀 We are sure Ah In was happy with all the love that he got on his birthday ^ ^

See you again in our second project!

GIFs by: 좃늅


15 Responses to “SikSeekers’ Duel Project Report – Part I: Birthday Celebration”
  1. Ashasummer says:

    Great job Sikseekers! So proud to be a part of this project! Hope Our YAI enjoy all our gifts… Specially the CD’s ^_^

  2. kitsuneMD says:

    Another job well done ^_^b
    Till our next project!

  3. seyulabme says:

    wooooooahhhh!!! daebak Sikseekers!!!!
    vordth is the david in Sikseekers..

    congrats sistahs…. once again we did it!

  4. Furbabe says:

    Well done babes!! Thanks so much for all your hardwork, and thanks so much AK unnie 😀
    I hope YAI enjoy all the presents! See ya on the 2nd project \☺/

    • mathed2001 says:

      LOL~ Now everyone seems to be so ready for the second part of the project… Fighting~ Can’t pull it through without all your help!! 🙂

  5. OMG!! I’m so excited reading this post!! I played each video in this post! and All choosen CD gift to YAI are DAEBAAAK!! I enjoyed listening all those music. I bet Yoo Ah In is happy to received #Sikseekers present! I’m glad to take a part in this project. Well done #SikSeekers!! Thumbs up for all of YOO!

    P.S @vordth I LOOOOUUUVEEEE YOur poem!!


    So SikSeekers.. Are we ready for the next project #newmoviewishfor YAI??? LET’s DO IT!

  6. says:

    Birthday presents project ,thank you very much. It’s greatI look forward to next project.Fight it out!

    • mathed2001 says:

      Glad that it came through and everyone had fun doing it! I am sure Ah In is happy with the presents! 🙂 Fighting!!

  7. Anne-So says:

    Hello! I have finally seen what happened to our projects. You all did one amazing project guys. Of course I regret not to have been able to participate more… I wish my irl time wouldn’t be so busy etc.. This is so amazing. I hope all the fans truly enjoyed preparing all of this and that he enjoyed your gifts!! Congrats. I’m late but i still wanted to tell you that : ).

  8. This Web-site says:

    Thanks , I have recently been searching for info about this topic for a while
    and yours is the best I have found out so far.

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