[PHOTOS & VIDEO] New JACK&JILL 2012 Winter Catalog & Winter Story “In My Closet”

Jack&Jill 2012 F/W Catalog is out with yet another fabulous set of photos of our Yoo Ah In this Thursday along with the video~ special for winter edition!

Hey, Jack&Jill, what a smart way by keeping them in store and releasing one by one. Really really can’t get enough of Yoo!


Here are several photos of Yoo Ah In from Jack&Jill Microsite for 2012 winter catalog~


Mr. Sik, why so handsome? ^__^


And this is the new video of JACK&JILL 2012 Winter Catalog ~ check it out~


In addition, we’ve got scanned pictures from the catalog of Jack&Jill Winter Story “In My Closet” by U AIN~ which is also part of the winter collection as well.


Check out some of the photos from this catalog scanned by apple tree 님

Mr. Sik, why so handsome? ^__^


Complete set of photos are available in our Facebook page in the Jack&Jill album 🙂



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