Yoo Ah In Twitter Update and Its Translation [2012.10.20]

Hello SIKseekers~ Happy Saturday! I hope you enjoy the weekend ^ ^


Several hours ago, at 9:29 pm KST to be precise, Yoo Ah In just came online and tweeted a short shout out along with a pic~

Translation: “Welcome My Aunt Mary. Right, Now!”

According to our friend Kristine nim, Yoo Ah In was attending the Grand Mint Festival in Seoul. And he was watching rock band ‘My Aunt Mary’ when he tweeted this photo.


Grand Mint Festival (GMF) is a famous rock festival in South Korea. This year’s festival is held in Seoul Olympic Park, October 20-21. Visit Korea quoted as saying,
“Grand Mint Festival is hosted by Korean indie producer Mint Paper. Grand Mint Festival is more than just a gathering of great indie bands. It’s a picnic and an effort to return to nature even in the heart of the urban environment. On the stage in 2012 is Sweet Sorrow, Michelle Shaprow, Joe Brooks, Standing Egg, Yun Sang, Epitone Project and more.”


Some of you might not familiar with “My Aunt Mary”.  If you’re curious about them and the kind of music Yoo Ah In is into, here’s a short information about this band~


My Aunt Mary is one of the South Korea’s famous modern rock band under FLUXUS Records. They won the “Album of the Year” in South Korea 2005. They released their self titled album in 1999. In 2002 they released their second album, “2002 Rock n Roll Star”.


In 2004, they released third album “Just Pop”, which is considered one of their best album and elected as the “Album of the Year of 2005” from MBC TV Artist Awards. In 2006 they released their fourth album, “Drift”. This album significantly moved them away from the ‘indie’ rock scene towards ‘major.’ FLUXUS records is famous for having talented & famous musicians such as Clazziquai Project. – jpopasia


Here are some of the videos from My Aunt Mary ~ just so you can picture Yoo Ah In’s taste in music 🙂

Night Blue


4시 20분


Green Tin Scooter




우리 사랑하지만 Feat.지선 (One Fine Day OST)


Sik definitely into indie band for sure! We hope he enjoyed the concert today. You too, enjoy the music, babes!


Photo credit: Yoo Ah In


10 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Twitter Update and Its Translation [2012.10.20]”
  1. Miko says:

    I will Like so much My Aunt Mary too. Their songs are just like a gentle wind.♡~♡♡

  2. prim94 says:

    So sweet… ❤YAI❤….. sharing his precious moment with his fans,,,,, thank you!!
    Thanks!! Kristine nim….. for the translation,,,,, you’re so kind;
    And.. Thank you!! Furbabe….. for the post,,,,, you’re an Angel☜❤☞

  3. xian says:

    can i have yoo ah in’s official twitter account so that i can follow him, coz i’ve been searching but i can’t find him ,.. if its ok with you guys 🙂 thanks a lot.. looking forward for your replies .. lab2x..

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