[Newsbits] New Flight-X Project Videos & Photos, Samchuly Event, Dramas Airing Schedule, and more!

Good evening #SIKseekers and happy MOONday ^ ^ I just got back from my vacation today and only got the chance to share these nice news bits just now. Thanks to other SIKseekers admin and friend who kept me updated ^_~ Let’s get it on!


First off, ELLE girl Korea finally released their official photos from the Flight-X Project with JACK&JILL for ELLE girl magazine November issue. Here are some of the photos from this project~ Yoo Ah In and the new lucky models.

(Source: Jack&Jill Flight-X Project)


Here are two videos from the JACK&JILL Flight-X project with ELLEgirl~



As usual, we’ve got some lovely screencaps from Yoo Ah In interview video for you too ^ ^

Such a cutie patotie!

Thanks to 세상의초록님 for the screencaps! More photos from this project and screencaps are on our Facebook album here.


Speaking of videos, we’ve got another video fresh from the oven~ Yoo Ah In on 10/29/2012 KBS News Time Entertainment Diary: Best 5 Hotties~ check it out too!


And now, here’s good news for fans in the Philippines, Thailand, and Japan! Take some notes, y’all!

1. Sungkyungkwan Scandal (SKKS) starts airing today 10/29 in the Philippines! They gave an additional title “Secret Love”~ Mondays to Fridays, 4:15pm at ABS-CBN. Thanks to KitsuneMD for the info ^ ^

2. Fashion King is airing in Thailand now! Starts from 10/27~ Saturdays and Sundays, 8pm at Workpoint TV. Watch it online on their official site. Thanks to Staywithringo for the info ^ ^

3. Fashion King is also airing in Japan starts from 10/24~ Wednesdays and Thursday, 8.45pm, and from 11/21, 10pm at KNTV. Rebroadcast starts from 12/17~ Mondays and Tuesdays, 0:45am.


Fashion King posters from KNTV website:

Oh btw, Japan has their own Fashion King official site, which is very interesting. Check it out: http://fashionking.jp/index.html 

Japan fans can buy the Fashion King DVD here in this website too from 19th Dec 2012. Nice!


Now here are some posters taken from the website~

Check more photos in our Facebook album  Japan media ^_^


And lastly, Samchuly is going to hold an event ‘Safe Bike Campaign with Yoo Ah In’. Lucky fans will get his autograph at the event on 10th November. Now I don’t know if Ah In will be there too, but one can hope 🙂

Samchuly Safe Bike Campaign with Yoo Ah In ~


Check more information about this event on Samchuly official blog.


That’s it for today~~ Have a great start of the week, folks!


2 Responses to “[Newsbits] New Flight-X Project Videos & Photos, Samchuly Event, Dramas Airing Schedule, and more!”
  1. selvm0rd says:

    Uri great admin just got back from her vacation and yet we can get these updates! Thank yoo so much! Btw, Fashion King is currently aired in ONE channel Asia but only 2 eps left. I also got lucky and received Fashion King’s poster and sketchbook from their official twitter give away contest, yay! ^^ now I wonder how to make it to Samchuly Safe Bike Campaign with Yoo Ah In while drinking my Chamisul Soju :p

    • Furbabe says:

      Puahahaha! Sankyu for the additional info, ahjumma 😀 I totally missed it! Congrats on winning the contest! Mind to share the pix with us? ^__~
      Can’t wait for the soju party! :p

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