Reply 1997’s Lee Si-eon to Join “Tin Can” with Yoo Ah In

Yoo Ah In new hairstyle


Well oh well… I couldn’t hide my smile having read the news about this yesterday. Yoo Ah In’s upcoming movie project “Kkangcheori” (Tin Can or Tin Head…the title is still tentative, anyway) gets  another cast and he’s the actor that I like to see acting more.


Busan-origin actor Lee Shi-eon from my favorite drama “Reply 1997” (there he plays as the goofy dorky Bang Sung Jae) has been cast for the role of Jong-soo, Yoo Ah In’s friend for “Kkangcheori”. Lee’s agency confirmed the casting earlier this morning. And that means Lee is going to speak the Busan (satoori) dialect once again. Yay! I love the accent!


Lee Shi Eon


Kkangcheori is a story based in Busan about Kang-cheol, who quits gangster life to make money for his mother’s medical bills. He has been best friends with Jong-soo since they were young and share their joy and pain until now.


Lee Shi Eon and Yoo Ah In are expected to show a dark friendship and loyalty of a man helping each other in their struggle for life.


So are they gonna be the Cory Matthews & Shawn Hunter of ‘Boy Meets World’? Or even fall under the title of bromance? I can take both ^ ^


And does this mean the movie has secured 3 leads so far? I remember Kim Hae-sook, who played in the blockbuster movie “Thieves”, were still considering to play as Yoo Ah In’s mom. Please make it happen. If so, I’m a happy camper 😀


Kkangcheori/Tin Can scheduled to crank in the middle of this month after finalizing its casting boat.


Source: TVdaily, Hancinema ~ Yoo Ah In photo cr: DC


7 Responses to “Reply 1997’s Lee Si-eon to Join “Tin Can” with Yoo Ah In”
  1. selvm0rd says:

    I dunno this guy cos I dun watching Kdrama that much, but yay!!! for more news about Master Sik’s new project.. Hope it’s gonna be awesome like previous film (or maybe I shud start folding another 1000 papercranes? ^___^ anyway, he looks like a highschooler (again) with that new hairstyle and that’s not even a good news for me. I miss his porn-stache and mature looks, I want my Oppa back!!!!

  2. ainnee says:

    yes another chance to see him in screen..hope its become more triumph than Punch…will Yoo speak in satoori too?

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