Actor Kim Sung-oh to join Yoo Ah In’s new movie. Who’s next?


Actor Kim Sung-oh joins the wagon following Lee Shi Un, as Yoo Ah In’s buddy for the upcoming movie Kkangcheori (Thin Head).


Kim Sung-oh has played many TV series with various roles, from the goofball Secretary Kim in Secret Garden to a villain in The Man From Nowhere.


Kim Sung-oh’s agency confirmed on 13th November about his being cast as the supporting role for Thin Head. Oh yeah! I’m all for Secretary Kim! Bring the richness into your character, brah!


Meanwhile, the production company stated on 14th that Kkkangcheori has finished modifying the script, and is ready with its final scenario. One thing for sure, despite Yoo Ah In playing as an ex-gangster, the movie  decides to fall into humanism genre~ not an action one. So no gun-pointing-scene, I suppose?


The production crews expect to start shooting in full swing in the middle of this month. First take will be shot in Busan.


A very tight schedule is on the run for all involved, as Kkangcheori is projected to go down the cinemas in the middle of 2013.


Kkangcheori_feature“Yes, I can pull off the gangsta look!” 

Now that the movie secured 3 actors (including Kim Hae Sook) in their hands, I wonder if there’ll be  more other interesting casts on the making. Who’s next?


All in all, let’s wish Yoo Ah In and all movie crews a big good luck, SIKseekers!


Source: StarMT, OBSnews, Yoo Ah In photo: DC (Toosil)


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