[UPDATE PHOTOS/VIDEO] Yoo Ah In Diadora Fansigning Event 2012.11.17 & Twitter Update 12.11.16

Good MorNight SIKseekers ^ ^ Before we hit the main menu today, I wanna tell you that Yoo Ah In was online on Nov.16 around 6pm! Well, basically he only retweeted someone’s tweet for his followers :p


It’s pretty hard for me to comprehend, because the material relates to Joseon history/manuscript in Cheoljong of Joseon era (1862). So just hope somebody translate this one later ^ ^”


An hour earlier, he tweeted a message to his friend who seemed not in a good mood and kept cursing herself over and over again. He told [consoled] her by saying:Β “Don’t do this”. Awwn…


Now moving on to our main menu!


Diadora held their second fansigning event with Yoo Ah In in Yeoju Premium Outlets last Saturday, November 17th. Too bad, fans were not allowed to take photos inside the store. So most of the photos were taken from the store window. Poor fans 😦

However, some managed to get pretty shots of Sik πŸ™‚ Yay! Here are some of them~


From Cielo of Ainese via DC~ she got many funny faces of Sik ^ ^

closing eyes while laughing πŸ˜€ so funny!

what’s with his expression? hilarious! πŸ˜€

FromΒ λΌμž„μ—μ΄λ“œ, she got many high quality photos from this event too

why covering your face? ^_^

Very very cute, healthy and lovely chubby Sik~ o(^_^)o

[Update 12.11.19 photos & video]

Here are some official photos from Diadora blog~

Soooo sweeet! πŸ˜€

Now here’s a short clip from fan who went to the event:

[Update 2012.11.20] Official fanmeeting video from Diadora blog


Check out more complete photos of Yoo Ah In in our Facebook page inΒ Diadora Fansigning EventΒ album!


Have a great start of the week SIKseekers!


Twitter credit:Β Yoo Ah In



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