Jung Yoo Mi, Kim Jung Tae and Shin Jung Geun Completes ‘Tin Can’ Casts with Yoo Ah In


Here are 2 more interesting casts that were just added to complete the batch of lead actors in Ggang Chul Yi! They are Kim Jung Tae and Jung Yoo Mi. And another character in the plot~ Shin Jung Geun.


Actor Kim Jung Tae has confirmed to play as the antagonist in Ggang Chul Yi (aka Tin Can or Tin Head). Kim Jung Tae is the badass ahjussi who can hunt one down and rough one up! Some of famous movies he’s been starring in are Friend (2001) and My Brother (2004). While for dramas, you can spot him in several popular titles such as Dream High 2 (2012), Miss Ripley (2011), Sign (2012), and many more.


Jung Yoo Mi (not to be confused with another actress Jeong Yu-mi from Rooftop Prince) will play as Yoo Ah In’s first love in Ggang Chul Yi. She has collected prestigious awards under her belt and she’s been acting in numbers of films for years. To name a few, The Crucible or Silenced (2011) is one of the movies in her résumé, while two of her famous dramas are I Need Romance 2012 (2012) and Que Sera Sera (2007).


What gets me excited; if this is the “Jung Yoo Mi” that Korean articles refer to, then that means she and Yoo Ah In will reunite 5 years after acting together in Shims Family/Skeletons in The Closet (2007). In Shims Family Yoo Ah In falls in love with Jung Yoo Mi as well. Jung is 3 years older than Yoo Ah In but I’m positive they can pull the couple vibe off.


Yoo Ah In and Jung Yoo Mi in Shims Family, 2007 (photo: Sikseekland)


Both Jung Yoo Mi and Kim Jung Tae are versatile and seasoned actors. However, as much as I luurrveee the line of casts I’m trying to keep my expectation low. It’s thanks to the Fashion King post-syndrome….lol!


Meanwhile, actor Shin Jung Geun will play as a Yakuza boss who confronts Busan gang leader~ Kim Jung Tae’s character. Shin Jung Geun plays in Scent of Woman (2011), City Hall (2011) and Style (2009).


So now we’ve got complete names in the line: Yoo Ah In, Jung Yoo Mi, Kim Jung Tae,  Shin Jung Geun,  Lee Si-eon, Kim Sung Oh, and the “national mom” Kim Hae Sook.

photo cr: DC


Ggang Chul Yi is about a young man named Ggang-Chul (Yoo Ah-In) who lives his life as gangster, but quits the organization to pay for his mother’s (Kim Hae-Suk) medical bills.

Summary of Casts:

  • Yoo Ah-In – Gang-Chul
  • Kim Hae-Suk – mother
  • Jung Yu-Mi – Soo-Ji
  • Kim Jung-Tae – Sang-Gun, gang boss
  • Kim Sung-Oh – gang boss’ brother
  • Lee Si-Yeon – Jong-Soo
  • Shin Jung-Geun – Yagami / Japanese Yakuza boss


Ggang Chul Yi will start rolling the camera on November 28th in Busan, official said, and aims to release in the middle of 2013.

Let the good times roll!

Source: Osen [1],[2], Obs, enews24, AsianWiki, etv



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