Yoo Ah In Twitter Update 23-24 November 2012 & Its Translation (Political Speech!)

Happy Sunday SIKseekers! It’s been a while since we’ve got a handful of tweets from our teacher Master Sik, and now suddenly in two consecutive days Yoo Ah In sent many tweets!

They didn’t come out of the blue, I suppose, as Yoo Ah In always makes bold statement relates to social or political situation in South Korea. Yoo Ah In made political statement about the upcoming South Korea general election on December 19.

According to Yonhap news, Independent candidate (opposition party), Ahn Cheol Soo, withdraws from presidential race, endorsing Rep. Moon Jae In (a former human rights lawyer from Busan~ does that name remind you of someone? *winks*) of the main opposition Democratic United Party (DUP). Thus, clearing the way for a two-way race for Mr. Moon and the ruling party candidate Mrs. Park Geun Ye.

This political move apparently got Yoo Ah In’s attention and he went on with his own opinions about it~


And because of that, Yoo Ah In became #1 on Naver/Daum Search from 23 to 25 November 2012! Wow!


Curious about what he said? Here are Yoo Ah In’s twitter update 23-24 November 2012, translated by our K-translator Ancient Kingdom unnie~


[Part I, 2012-11-23]

아름다운 단일화 같은 소리하네.
Fuck the single presidential candidacy agreement.

안철수 비난한 것들 부끄러운 줄 알아라. 만족스럽냐?
Shame on you who blamed Chul Su Ahn. Are you satisfied?

권력을 내려놓지 않는 것은 야권 또한 마찬가지다. 신나게 싸워봐라.
It is the same with the opposition. Because the opposition can’t put down the power too. Fight as possible as you can.

목적을 상실한 권력, 근본을 상실한 권력. 권력 그 자체를 위한 권력을 휘두르며. 제자리에서.
The power which lost the purpose, the power which lost the root. Wielding the power only for the power itself, on the very spot.


기성”이라는 것들….
“The established” things……


큰그릇을 봤다. 진짜 새로움을 봤다. 연예인은 투표권 없나.
I saw the great. I saw the true novelty. Don’t we, the entertainers, have the right to vote?


연예인은 트위터에 셀카만 올려야대야 하나.
Do we just upload the pics taken by ourselves on the twitter?


나는 내가 원하는 것을 원하고 내가 느낀것을 느낀다.
I want what I want and I feel what I feel.


나는 내게 주어진 한 표의 크기만큼 생각했고 그만큼 고민했고, 주어진 크기만큼 발언했다.
I thought and worried as much as “the vote” given to me, and I commented just as much as my right given to me.


[Part 2, 2012-11-24]

순수한 정치인들이 대의를 위한 수단에 매몰되지 않기를 바란다.
I hope the clean politicians will not be buried by the means for a great cause.

현실 정치가 피튀기는 전쟁일 지라도 그 전쟁의 시작과 목적은 국민에게 있다.

Even if the real politic is a bloody hell war, the beginning and the purpose for the war is on the nations.


그들은 우리를 위해 싸워야 한다.
They have to fight for us.


기본이 비현실적인 이상으로 여겨지고 뜨거운 열망이 부화뇌동으로 치부되어도 그들에게 기본을 환기시키고 행위의 근본과 진정한 목적을 일깨우는 것이 내 세대가 지녀야 할 시대정신이라고 믿는다.
Even if the basic is regarded as unrealistic idealism and the burning aspiration is treated as the blind following, to awaken the basic and enlighten the root of action and the real purpose to the politicians is our zeitgeist which my generation should have, I believe.


참정의 의미를 알아가는 이십대 유권자들이 해내야할 일이라고 믿는다.
That is what our twenties who are realizing the meaning of participation in government have to make success of, I believe.


민주당이 진보한 가치를 담고도 외면 당했던 것은 새누리당과 다르지 않은 권력 그 자체의 구태의연함 때문이었다.
The reason the democratic party sat loose on the public, even if they contained progressive political value, was an old-fashioned and outdated way of the power itself, like Sae Nu Ri party.


국민은 새로운 정치, 국민을 위한 정치를 원했고, 그 열망을 투영하고 실현시켜줄 능력있고 새로운 인물을 원했다.
The nations wanted the politic which is new and for the nations, so they wanted a novel leader who can reflects and realizes their passion.


안이 비록 물러났을지라도 그의 존재가 만들어낸 변화는 틀림없이 역사에 기록될 것이다. 우리는 희망을 봤다.
Although Ahn resigned, I am sure the change made by his existence will be recorded on our history.


권력의 변화를 목도했다.
I witnessed the change of the power.


액션은 금방 들통날 것이다.
The performance will be detected at any moment.


부디 진정한 변화의 불씨가 꺼지지 않기를 바란다.
Hopefully, the embers of the change will not be put out.


누가 출마하고 누가 사퇴하든 우리의 투표권은 변함없고 공평하게 주어져 있다.
Whoever run for, whoever resign, our vote given to us is still unchanging and fair.


투표하자. Let’s vote. For the better worker. Not for my side. 내 편이 아니라 더 나은 일꾼에게. 5년 임기의 영광이 아니라 5000년의 역사 속에서 주어진 소명을 다할 큰 그릇에게.
To the great who can carry out his mission given by the history of 5000 years, not for the glory given by 5 years-term of office.


정권이 목적이 아니라 그 정권 속에서 진정한 민주주의를 실현하고자 하는 순수한 목적에게.
Not for the purpose of political power, but for the innocent purpose of realizing the true democracy in the power.


내려 놓아 지켜진 가치와 움켜지어 쥐어진 권력을 봤다.
I witnessed the value is protected by giving up and the power is seized by grasping tightly.


그 권력이 부디 고인 물로 썩어가지 않고 국민을 지켜주는 든든한 힘으로 결실을 맺길 바란다.
I hope the very power will bear fruit as a strong power which can protect the nation, not just rot as stagnant water.


안철수를 향하던 지지는 그가 담고자 햇던 국민의 열망을 끌어 안을 곳을 향할 것이다.  
Support for Ahn will go to the place that absorbs the passion of the nation which Ahn wanted to embrace.


문후보가 갖추겠다는 예우가 그렇게 실현되기를 바란다.
I hope the respectful treatment for Ahn which Moon promised will come true.


이것으로 끝.
This is the end of all things.


구멍 찾아 후벼파지 말고 좋게좋게 합시다.
Don’t dig out my comments looking for the holes, let’s be good~.


[Part 3, 2012-11-24]

그나마의 희망을 품고 선거일까지 조용히 기다리겠습니다. 말 많은 하루였네요. 저도 부대껴요. 참아주시고 공감해주신 분들께 감사드리고 그 어떤 비난과 질타도 존중합니다. 적어도 여기서는 다른 가치가 존중받고 공존하며 함께 진보하길 바랍니다. 이상!

Embracing a little hope, I will wait quietly till the election day. What a talkative day it is! I suffered too. Thank you who endure me and express sympathy and I respect any kind of criticism and denouncement. At least, I hope we should progress together and coexist and respect different values in this area. Period!


*silent and slow claps* ^_^

An actor who’s aware of social issues around him, and not merely there to entertain people, is someone who we can look up too, and we’re very proud that it’s YOO 🙂 Thanks so much to Ancient Kingdom unnie for putting the right English words to the tweets. They’re so meaningful.


Don’t be afraid to speak up your mind SIKsekeers! And happy Sunday!


8 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Twitter Update 23-24 November 2012 & Its Translation (Political Speech!)”
  1. Lobsterbisque says:

    Wow! Good for you, my boy!

  2. Thank you for your post @furbabe. And @ancientkingdom unnie.. THank you so much for the traslations. Daebak!

    Now I have more respect for Yoo AH In.. he’s critical, bold, smart and daring!!! He’s really outspoken person. Love him more for his personality. *swoooooon*

  3. Miko says:

    I ‘ m proud of YOO AH IN fan. He is a excellent Korean! I support him! .

  4. Furbabe says:

    The independent party DUP and Ahn Chul Soo made a statement regarding Yoo Ah In’s tweets, saying that they listened to what he said and took note on it 🙂

  5. kanz says:

    I just read this tweets and translations because his wiki page said YAI boldly make political statements. I have to say I’m impressed with what he said/tweeted. He’s bold and reasonable person. Not many people, esp the young generations know what politics is all about, but from what it seems YAI already formed his opinions and it shows his great knowledge about politics, not just being passive citizen.

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